What treasures has Nathan Drake found?

What treasures has Nathan Drake found?

On the Trail of the Treasure

  • Gold Inca Figurine. The Gold Inca Figurine is found directly at the start of the chapter.
  • Golden Bird Vessel. The Golden Bird Vessel can be collected shortly after the first group of enemies.
  • Golden Spanish Goblet.
  • Jeweled Golden Cross.
  • Silver Skull.
  • Golden Inca Mask.

Where is the secret relic in Uncharted 3?

Chapter 4
The Strange Relic is a reference to the Jak and Daxter Series and there is one hidden in every Uncharted game. In Uncharted 3, you can find it in Chapter 4. Before climbing down the cylindrical waterway in Chapter 4, climb the pipe directly to the right of the platform to a grate at the top.

Did Nate and Elena get married in Uncharted 3?

As the game progresses, however, and Chloe bails out of the adventure, it is revealed that Nate and Elena actually got married between the events of Uncharted 2 and 3.

Are the djinn real in Uncharted 3?

Considering the brass vessel, the Djinn are the only monsters that are not proven to exist, as Nate destroyed the winch that would have opened the brass vessel. It is not known if they actually exist or the hallucinations of Nate were just inspired by the story of Solomon.

What is the engraving on Nate’s ring?

Nate’s ring is inscribed with the Latin phrase “Sic Parvis Magna”, meaning “Greatness from Small Beginnings”. Other details included on the ring that were not fleshed out in the movie adaptation are Francis Drake’s date of death (January 29, 1596) as well as the coordinates of his empty coffin in Panama (9-32-79).

How did Uncharted 1 end?

Nate and Elena found a passage leading to a large treasure vault, in which they find the body of Francis Drake, assuming that he died on the island searching for the treasure.

What is the strange relic?

The strange relic is one of the 61 treasures that can be found in Drake’s Fortune, one of the 101 in Among Thieves and Drake’s Deception, and one of the 109 in A Thief’s End. It is also an artifact found in Golden Abyss. The relic is in the shape of an egg and is covered by two rows of strange symbols.

What is the strange artifact Last of Us 2?

The Strange Relic (AKA Strange Artifact) is a collectible in The Last of Us 2. This artifact is an Easter Egg referring to the Precursor Orbs in Naughty Dog’s Jax and Daxter series. Finding this artifact will unlock the “Relic of the Sages” Trophy.

Is Chloe in Uncharted 4?

Chloe does not appear in the main story of Uncharted 4, however, during the beginning events of the game, it is shown that she sent a note to Nathan, saying she’s available if he were to ever start treasure hunting again. She also is available to play as in the multiplayer.