What type of star is Asellus Australis?

What type of star is Asellus Australis?

K0 IIIDelta Cancri / Spectral type

What type of star is Asellus Borealis?

A1IVGamma Cancri / Spectral type

What color star is Asellus Australis?

Visual Facts

Primary Name Asellus Australis The Sun
Star Type based on Spectral Type Giant Star Main Sequence Star
Colour Orange to Red Yellow (Atmosphere) / White (In Space)
Galaxy Milky Way Milky Way
Constellation Cancer N/A

How many light years away is Asellus Australis?

130.5 light yearsDelta Cancri / Distance to Earth

What type of star is Zeta Cancri?

yellow G-type star
Zeta2 Cancri It appears to be a yellow G-type star, often reported as G5V, but now thought to be earlier, probably G0V. This star has around 1.15 solar masses.

What kind of star is Delta Cancri?

Asellus Australis, also designated as δ Cancri (delta Cancri), is a double hypergiant star in the constellation of Cancer. Asellus Australis visual magnitude is 3.94.

What type of star is Iota Cancri?

It is a mild barium star, thought to be formed by mass transfer of enriched material from an asymptotic giant branch star onto a less evolved companion. No such donor has been detected in the ι Cancri system, but it is assumed that there is an unseen white dwarf.

How bright is Asellus Borealis?

4.673Gamma Cancri / Magnitude

How hot is Asellus Australis?

4,637 KDelta Cancri / Surface temperature

Asellus Australis has a surface gravity of 2.7 cgs, and it has a rotational velocity of around 2.8 km / 1.7 mi per second. This star is cooler than our Sun, having surface temperatures of around 4,637 K.

How far is Zeta Cancri from Earth?

83.5 light yearsZeta Cancri / Distance to Earth

What type of star is tegmen?

Tegmine is a Main Sequence Star.

What color is Asellus Borealis?

Asellus Borealis is a white A-type subgiant star of spectral type A1IV. It has an apparent magnitude of 4.652, and an absolute magnitude of around +1.1.