What was the song used in Quantum of Solace?

What was the song used in Quantum of Solace?

Quantum of SolaceQuantum Of Solace / Soundtrack
“Another Way to Die” is a song by American musicians Jack White and Alicia Keys. Written and produced by White as the theme song to the 2008 James Bond film Quantum of Solace, it was released as a single in the United States on September 30, 2008 and in Europe on October 20, 2008.

Who sings the theme song to Quantum of Solace?

David ArnoldQuantum of Solace / ArtistDavid Arnold is an English film composer whose credits include scoring five James Bond films, as well as Stargate, Independence Day, Godzilla and the television series Little Britain and Sherlock. Wikipedia

Who did the duet on the Quantum of Solace soundtrack?

The White Stripes’ Jack White and R&B singer Alicia Keys will together perform the theme-song for Quantum of Solace, making the 22nd James Bond film the first to feature a duet.

Who wrote Quantum of Solace?

Paul Haggis
Neal PurvisRobert WadeJoshua Zetumer
Quantum Of Solace/Screenplay

Was Amy Winehouse meant to sing Skyfall?

Interviewed for the new book Some Kind of Hero: The Remarkable Story of the James Bond Films, by Matthew Field and Ajay Chowdhury, he revealed that the singer was set to perform the song in collaboration with Mark Ronson.

Why was Quantum of Solace so short?

Right, so, the primary issue with Quantum of Solace is that there’s less story and a confusing script that was still in development. Forster also points out the difficulty of trying to provide an original arc after Casino Royale, which was based upon the first and one of the best-known Ian Fleming James Bond novels.

What did Bond mean when he said M was right about Vesper?

He meant that M was right that Vesper was being played by Quantum (and her “boyfriend”) and that she genuinely loved Bond and wasn’t trying to deceive him by pretending to love him.