Whats the difference between 4T65E and 4T65E-HD?

Whats the difference between 4T65E and 4T65E-HD?

The 4T65e and 4T65e-HD are the exact same transmission internally and externally. The only difference between the two is that the HD version has a stronger differential. This transmission was by far the most common transmission that was bolted to the 3800 from the factory.

How much power can a 4T65E-HD handle?

Registered. A stock tranny should hold about 300 WHP, as long as the shifts aren’t too harsh. Otherwise the IS will snap. As long as you keep the shifting reasonable and start raising the power gradually, IMO the chain will go first.

What cars have the 4T65E-HD transmission?

Vehicles manufactured with 4T65-E transmissions include:

  • Chevrolet Impala.
  • Chevy Malibu.
  • Pontiac Aztek.
  • Chevy Uplander.
  • Buick Regal.
  • Chevy Venture.
  • Pontiac Grand Prix.
  • Buick Rendezvous.

What is a 4T65E-HD?

The 4T65E-HD (code MN7) is a heavy duty version of the 4T65-E used with more powerful engines such as the LS4 V8 and L67/L32 supercharged V6. Fully re-manufactured valve body. Updated TCC Control Valve, TCC Regulator Apply Valve, Torque Signal Regulator Valve, and Reverse Boost Valve.

Are all 4T65E transmissions the same?

Not all 4T65E transmissions are the same. There are many ways to divide these transmissions into groups. The main dividing line is the electrical format.

How much power can a 4t60e handle?

Hi, I was wandering how much power the 4t60e-and ehd can hold. Ill be pushing about 260hp and 345 lb/ft to start with. WIll it handle spirited driving with these numbers?…

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How much does a 4t65e weigh?

Transmission General Specifications

Name Hydra-matic 4T65-E
Transaxle Weight Dry 87.9 kg (194.2 lbs)
Transaxle Weight Wet 97.0 kg (214.4 lbs)
Maximum Trailer Towing Capacity 907 kg (2000 lbs)
Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) 2903 kg (6,400 lbs)

How many shift solenoids are in a 4T65E transmission?

For GM 4T65E 5 Piece Solenoid Set, 1 Pressure Switch Style.

How many quarts is a 4t65e transmission?

Replace the drain pan and lower the car from the jack stands. Pop the engine hood and locate the transmission dipstick above the drain pan. Pull out the dipstick and place a funnel in the tube. Pour in three quarts of fluid.

How do I know what transmission I have?

The simplest way to find your transmission type is to look in your owner’s manual. Your manual should have the name and type of transmission, along with service information. If you’ve misplaced your owner’s manual, most trucks have a white label printed on the inside of the driver’s door.

How many quarts does a 4T65E hold?