Where are the frats at Michigan?

Where are the frats at Michigan?

Updated – May 6, 2022

Council Organization Address
MGC Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc FSL – 1443 Washtenaw Ave.
IFC Phi Kappa Psi 630 Oxford
Panhel Phi Sigma Rho FSL – 1443 Washtenaw Ave.
MGC Pi Alpha Phi National Fraternity, Inc. FSL – 1443 Washtenaw Ave,

How many frats and sororities are at Michigan State?

There are 38 fraternities and 24 sororities available for students to join. There are fraternities and sororities for everyone.

Is Greek life big at Michigan State?

Fraternity and sorority life With more than 60 Greek letter organizations, “Going Greek” is a significant experience for 14% of the student body at MSU.

How much do frats cost at MSU?

$200 – $1,100 per semester
What is the financial commitment of joining a fraternity at Michigan State? The cost of membership in a fraternity at MSU ranges anywhere from $200 – $1,100 per semester.

How many frats are at MSU?

39 fraternities
Here at Michigan State University we are proud to have 39 fraternities whom are members of three of our governing councils. Fraternities are historically men’s organizations who focus on service, philanthropy, leadership, brotherhood, and much more.

How many frats are at Michigan?

Each fraternity is different, focusing on their core beliefs and what their membership wish to achieve in their time at the University. Check out the IFC website to see information about each of the 28 IFC Chapters at Michigan State! This semester we are excited to welcome back Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity to campus.

How do I join a fraternity at MSU?

All prospective members must be enrolled at Michigan State University by the start of their new member process. Each council and chapter has a different process of inviting new members to join their organization. Visit the council specific pages for more information!

How many frats does MSU have?

Montana State University is proud to be home to eight nationally recognized fraternities.

Is Michigan State a party school?

Top party colleges have a vibrant and diverse party scene with plenty of options on and off campus and their students have rated their school as fun, friendly, and into partying. Michigan State comes in at #23 but Michigan State can say we are the top party school in the state as University of Michigan comes in at #25.

What frats does MSU have?

Fraternities at MSU

  • Alpha Gamma Rho.
  • Alpha Sigma Phi.
  • Kappa Sigma.
  • Pi Kappa Alpha.
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon.
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon.
  • Sigma Chi.
  • Sigma Nu.

What fraternities are at University of Michigan?

Fraternity & Sorority Life

  • A note about fraternity recognition. Fraternities not listed are not recognized by the Interfratenity Council for various reasons.
  • Alpha Delta Phi – ΑΔΦ
  • Alpha Tau Omega ΑΤΩ
  • Beta Theta Pi – ΒΘΠ
  • Delta Sigma Phi – ΔΣΦ
  • Delta Tau Delta – ΔΤΔ
  • Lambda Chi Alpha – ΛΧΑ
  • Phi Delta Theta – ΦΔΘ

Does MSU have sorority houses?

Here at Michigan State University we are proud to have 24 sororities whom are members of three of our governing councils. Sororities are womens organizations whom are dedicated to service, philanthropy, leadership, womens empowerment, and much more. To learn more, please visit the Governing Council page on our website!