Where can I fish on a shaver fork in WV?

Where can I fish on a shaver fork in WV?

Shavers Fork rises at Thorny Flat, the highest part of Cheat Mountain. The river offers both remote trout fishing sections and sections that are right along the road. A very good section of the remote part of Shavers Fork starts at Cheat Bridge and continues downstream to U.S. Route #33.

Where is Shavers Fork lower section WV?

Shavers Fork of the Cheat River is situated in the Allegheny Mountains of eastern West Virginia, USA. It is 88.5 mi (142.5 km) long and forms the Cheat at its confluence with Black Fork at Parsons….

Shavers Fork
Basin size 214 sq mi (550 km2)
• location Bowden, West Virginia
• average 445 cu ft/s (12.6 m3/s)

Can you fish the Cheat River?

The north-flowing Cheat is better-known for its small-mouth bass, which can be caught year-round, said state Division of Natural Resources Fisheries Biologist David Wellman. “Cheat River has become one of the better small-mouth streams in West Virginia, without a doubt,” he said.

What fish are in the Tygart River?

The backwaters of the Tygart River is known for its massive carp, muskie, large-mouth bass, pike, crappie, walleye, and big catfish. Check out the ADA accessible Scott’s Ford Fishing Pier for easy access. Much of the Tygart River is composed of long, deep pools.

How many trout streams are in West Virginia?

More than 200 waterways are stocked throughout West Virginia, many of them in the mountainous eastern part of the state.

What county is the Cheat River in?

Preston County
The Cheat River is a tributary of the Monongahela River in eastern West Virginia and southwestern Pennsylvania. Its two sections, The Cheat River Narrows and the Cheat River Canyon are primarily located in Preston County.

What river runs through Parsons West Virginia?