Where can I watch Meteor Garden all episodes?

Where can I watch Meteor Garden all episodes?

Watch Meteor Garden | Netflix Official Site.

What episode do Shancai and Si date?

Shancai confesses to Ms. Yu her true feelings toward Ah Si.

In which app can I watch Meteor Garden for free?

meteor garden – Rakuten Viki.

How many episodes are in Meteor Garden on Netflix?

50Meteor Garden / Number of episodes

Why did Netflix remove Meteor Garden?

Over the weekend, fans noticed that the show does not turn up in Netflix search results and, alas, it was confirmed in a report by Rappler that Meteor Garden is not available locally because ABS-CBN got the rights to air it in the country.

Is Dao Ming Si a virgin?

Si’s servants gave her a makeover at his home, where he asked her to be his girlfriend. She refused, which probably sparked his interest further. Shan Cai later blamed him for spreading a rumor about her having an abortion and told him she was a virgin, which he misinterpreted to mean that she was interested in him.

What episode do Shancai and Si get married?

Episode 49 (第四十九集) is the series finale of the Chinese drama, Meteor Garden. The episode aired on August 29, 2018 on Hunan Television. The F4 trick Dong Shan Cai into thinking she is dreaming. She eventually realizes that she is at her and Dao Ming Si’s wedding.

Where can I watch Meteor Garden other than Netflix?

The remake of popular Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden is now available to stream on over-the-top streaming service Viu.

Is F4 Thailand and Meteor Garden same?

Besides the Japanese TV drama Hana Yori Dango, the Chinese and Taiwanese versions of Meteor Garden are the adaptations that attracted high viewership across Asia. Thailand is the next in line to recreate its version, F4 Thailand.

Is Meteor Garden a remake?

The show is an adaptation of Japanese manga series, ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and is an official remake of the same Taiwanese series of the same name. The manga has also been adapted in South Korea. Written by Sharon Mao, the episodes are directed by Lin Helong. Meteor Garden Cast: Who’s in It?

How many episodes are there in Meteor Garden?

Details. Drama: Meteor Garden. Country: China. Episodes: 50. Aired: Jul 9, 2018 – Aug 29, 2018. Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Original Network: Hunan TV. Duration: 45 min. Genres: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, School, Youth, Drama.

Who’s in the Meteor Garden cast?

Meteor Garden Cast: Who’s in It? The protagonist of ‘Meteor Garden’ is Dong Shan Cai, played by Shen Yue. The young actress rose to prominence after her role in ‘A Love So Beautiful’, the story of which was based on the novel by Zhao Gangan, ‘To Our Pure Little Beauty’.

What is the Meteor Garden Plot?

Meteor Garden Plot: What’s It About? The story of ‘Meteor Garden’ is centred around a girl named Dong Shan Cai. She comes from a poor family; however, she is very bright and intelligent. This helps her in securing a place in one of the topmost universities, which is mainly inhabited by rich brats.