Where is headquarters for Quest Diagnostics?

Where is headquarters for Quest Diagnostics?

Secaucus, NJQuest Diagnostics / HeadquartersSecaucus is a town in Hudson County, New Jersey, United States. As of the 2010 United States Census, the town’s population was 16,264, reflecting an increase of 333 from the 15,931 counted in the 2000 Census, which had in turn increased by 1,870 from the 14,061 counted in the 1990 Census. Wikipedia

How many Quest Diagnostics locations are there?

There are 6,802 Quest Diagnostics locations in the United States as of May 08, 2022. The state with the most number of Quest Diagnostics locations in the US is Texas, with 879 locations, which is 12% of all Quest Diagnostics locations in America.

Are Quest Diagnostics and Sonora Quest the same?

Sonora Quest Laboratories, an independently run joint venture between Banner Health and Quest Diagnostics, is the nation’s largest integrated laboratory system with approximately 3,500 employees serving more than 33,000 patients every day throughout Arizona.

Is LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics the same company?

LabCorp is the parent company of Quest Diagnostics and offers core laboratory services such as clinical chemistry, immunology, infectious disease, and molecular testing. On the other hand, Quest Diagnostics offers many services much in the same way.

How do I contact Quest labs?

(866) 697-8378Quest Diagnostics / Customer service

Is Quest Diagnostics in all 50 states?

This is a significant achievement as it means that Quest Diagnostics now has eReq collection site coverage in every eligible state in the United States.

Which is better Sonora Quest or LabCorp?

Labcorp is most highly rated for Compensation and benefits and Sonora Quest Laboratories is most highly rated for Compensation and benefits. Learn more, read reviews and see open jobs.

Is Quest a reference lab?

Revenues at Quest Diagnostics of Teterboro, N.J., the country’s largest reference laboratory, climbed 6 percent in 2001 from a year earlier and totaled $3.6 billion.

Which lab is more accurate LabCorp or quest?

For most blood tests, results vary day to day, so there’s a range where results are considered “normal.” The study found that Theranos was 1.6 times as more likely to find results outside those ranges than either LabCorp or Quest, reporting results either above or below a normal range 12.2% of the time, compared to 8.3 …