Where is playa Mar Chiquita?

Where is playa Mar Chiquita?

Puerto Rico
Along the north coast of Puerto Rico, there are various natural pool beaches, Mar Chiquita is among the most popular, just 45 minutes west from the capital city of San Juan. Along the cliffs, an opening allows the waters of the Atlantic to rush in creating a refreshing natural pool.

Can you swim in Mar Chiquita?

The half-moon opening is created by two limestone outcroppings that allow the intense turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean to rush in. The place is ideal for swimming and soaking in the sun, but there isn’t much shade, but umbrellas and chair rentals are available.

How do you get to Mar Chiquita Beach?

Mar Chiquita is located in Manatí. Take Route 22 to exit 46 to Route 686 north. Then take Route 685 west to Route 648 north and follow to the end of the road. It took about 45 minutes to drive to Mar Chiquita from the San Juan area.

Can you swim in Mar Mar Chiquita?

Mar Chiquita (or Little Sea) is just that — a small cove of a beach protected from the rough Atlantic by a rocky wall. This picture-perfect beach, located in the town of Manatí, is not always good for swimming, but it is always beautiful.

When is the best time to visit Playa Mar Chiquita?

Summer months: Playa Mar Chiquita is a popular beach among locals during summer when the kids are off school. Adventurous travelers searching for unbeaten paths and local vibe find their way here. Winter Months: There are fewer crowds during the winter months on weekdays, but the water is also rougher and less clear depending on conditions.

Should I visit Manati or Mar Chiquita in Puerto Rico?

If you’re vacationing in the San Juan area, Mar Chiquita makes a nice day trip, you’ll have plenty of time to make a few other stops on nearby points of interest along the north. If you like this beach, you may also enjoy Poza de Obispo in Arecibo, about a 40-minute drive west of Manati.