Who is Caroline and elenas roomate?

Who is Caroline and elenas roomate?

Megan King
Megan King was Caroline and Elena’s roommate at Whitmore College, before she was killed by Enzo St. John, a former Augustine Vampire. Megan was also a former patient to Grayson Gilbert.

How long was Enzo an Augustine vampire?

During his seventy-plus years in captivity, Lorenzo was subjected to all manner of experimentation, including having portions of his organs removed, in order to help Dr.

Who is the St Augustine vampire?

Wes Maxfield on Augustine and their intentions, Katherine carelessly ended up re-outting Elena as a vampire. Damon became an Augustine vampire in the episode Total Eclipse of the Heart. Damon was the only known Augustine Vampire in existence until Elena became one in Gone Girl.

Who did Hayley Kiyoko play in The Vampire Diaries?

Hayley Kiyoko Alcroft (Japanese: ヘイリー・キヨコ, Hepburn: Heirī Kiyoko Arcroft, born April 3, 1991) portrayed Megan King in the season premiere of Season Five in The Vampire Diaries.

Who is Grayson Gilbert?

Charles Grayson Gilbert (born February 1, 1990) is an American entrepreneur and cancer survivor. In October 1995, he was the fifth ever child in recorded medical history to be diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer known as pancreatoblastoma. A pancreaticoduodenectomy, or Whipple’s Procedure, was successful.

Why did Silas want Katherine?

Silas later revealed to Damon that Katherine’s blood became the cure after she had ingested it, which is why he wanted Katherine so he could cure himself and die so he could be reunited with his true love in the afterlife.

What is Damon’s Augustine number?

number 21051
He asks Wes about it and when Was asks why he cares, Damon reveals that he was number 21051 once. Wes realizes that Damon was an Augustine vampire and when Damon hears the name he remembers things from his past.

Does Elena become a Ripper?

Elena still became a ripper when Katherine injected Elena’s body with a werewolf venom enhanced ripper virus developed by Wes as a last act of revenge against her doppelgänger before her death.

Are the Salvatores rich?

Giuseppe Salvatore was one of the leading business men and paraphrasing Damon when they were hunting for answers regarding the serial killer in 1912 he said that one of the many businesses that made their family rich was that they owned all the logging mills.

Who is Megan from Vampire Diaries?

Megan King
Biographical Information
Played By Hayley Kiyoko
First Appearance I Know What You Did Last Summer
Last Appearance True Lies (archive footage/photo)

How did Elena’s parents car go off the bridge?

The Accidents Elena was at a school party and called her mom, telling her that she needed to come home. Matt was talking to her about marriage, having children, and thinking that she might break up with him. Her dad was driving the car, when suddenly he drove off the Wickery Bridge.

Was Elena’s dad a vampire hunter?

Grayson was a member of the Gilbert Family and a vampire hunter, he was also a member of the Town Council and the Augustine Society.