Who is the CEO of UNMC?

Who is the CEO of UNMC?

James (Jim) Linder, MD
James (Jim) Linder, MD, is the chief executive officer for Nebraska Medicine and professor of pathology for the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC).

How much does the CEO of Nebraska medicine make?


Key Employees and Officers Compensation
Matthew E Pospisil (Periop Svs/Bellevue VP) $271,155
Louis W Burgher (Director) $213,872
Rosanna D Morris (Former Nebraska Medicine CEO) $150,000
William S Dinsmoor (Former Nebraska Medicine CEO) $102,884

Who is Jim Linder?

Jim Linder, a retired Army Major General and Green Beret with over three decades of command experience around the world, is a recognized leader in the world of Special Operations and Intelligence organizations as a high performing and skilled strategist.

Is Unmc a nonprofit?

With the clinical integration, Nebraska Medicine and UNMC decided to share a new logo to more closely align the two organizations. However, UNMC, which is a public state university, still remains a separate entity from Nebraska Medicine, a non-profit health system.

Is Nebraska Medicine nonprofit?

Nebraska Medicine (formerly, The Nebraska Medical Center, Nebraska Health System), is a private not-for-profit American healthcare company based in Omaha, Nebraska.

What religion is Al Lindner?

Christian conversion Although brother Ron was a self-diagnosed alcoholic, Lindner only drank socially. However, his real addiction was fishing.

What is the difference between Nebraska Medicine and UNMC?

Is Nebraska Medicine reputable?

It’s home to one of the most reputable and well-known solid organ transplant programs in the country, performing thousands of heart, liver, kidney, pancreas, intestinal and lung transplants. Nebraska Medicine is also a comprehensive Level 1 trauma center, providing 24/7 care to adult and pediatric patients.

Why did Al Linder leave In-Fisherman?

Mostly he has been involved with the TV show and a handful of publicity projects. A contract clause bars him from any business dealings that compete with In-Fisherman through May 2002, but after that, Lindner plans to get his new television show off the ground.

How old is Al Linder?

About 78 years (1944)Al Lindner / Age