Who is the Wood County Prosecuting Attorney?

Who is the Wood County Prosecuting Attorney?

Wood County Prosecuting Attorney Paul A. Dobson graduated cum laude from the University of Toledo with a Bachelor of Education Degree in Secondary Education. He received his law degree from the University of Toledo College of Law in 1994.

Who is the county clerk in Wood County WV?

County Clerk

Bob Buchanan Republican 2nd
Mark Rhodes Democrat 2nd

What county is Parkersburg in West Virginia?

Wood CountyParkersburg / CountyWood County is a county in the U.S. state of West Virginia. As of the 2010 census, the population was 86,956, making it West Virginia’s fifth-most populous county. Its county seat is Parkersburg. Wikipedia

Who is the DA of Wood County WI?

Craig Lambert
Craig Lambert, District Attorney from Wood County, Wisconsin – Voterly. My Reps. Browse.

Who is the sheriff of Wood County West Virginia?

Duties of the Sheriff’s Office The Sheriff’s Office is comprised of 37 Deputies, including the Sheriff, Steve Stephens, and 11 Contract Oficers.

Does West Virginia have a case search?

Interested individuals can look up court cases in West Virginia by either calling the court where they are being heard or visit them. All the West Virginia State courts have their addresses and contact information on the county map provided on the Judiciary Branch website.

Is DuPont still in Parkersburg WV?

The Parkersburg facility was owned by DuPont until it spun off its chemical division into Chemours, in 2015. For decades, DuPont dumped PFAS into the Ohio River in West Virginia, killing farm animals and poisoning the water of surrounding communities.

What is Parkersburg WV known for?

Following the Civil War, Parkersburg saw its biggest boom as a major fixture in the gas and oil industry. The area became an important oil refining center you can still visit the nation’s oldest oil fields in nearby Burning Springs, which is home to one of the oldest producing oil wells in the world.

What county is WI Rapids in?

Wood CountyWisconsin Rapids / County

How do I look up someone’s criminal record in West Virginia?

Criminal records can be found in a multitude of places in West Virginia. The most convenient way is through an online service, such as third-party websites. The West Virginia State Police has an online criminal record finder as well. To find criminal records in person, you can visit the court where the case was heard.