Who owns NAUI?

Who owns NAUI?

The National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI Worldwide) is a non-profit association of scuba instructors….National Association of Underwater Instructors.

Abbreviation NAUI
Purpose diver training and certification
Headquarters 9030 Camden Field Parkway Riverview, Florida US
Region served Global
Executive Director Rick Lorimor

What does NAUI stand for?

the National Association of Underwater Instructors
NAUI is the National Association of Underwater Instructors.

Is NAUI still in business?

NAUI is the oldest not-for-profit scuba certification organization in the United States. Operating out of Florida since 1960, NAUI promotes safe diving by offering comprehensive diving courses for everyone from beginners to more experienced individuals.

Is NAUI internationally recognized?

Founded in 1959, it is the oldest civilian diver training agency, along with similar European agency CMAS. Over the years, NAUI has pioneered many of the training concepts now accepted as global standards throughout the industry.

Was Jerry Garcia a diver?

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Which dive tables are endorsed by NAUI?

The NAUI Dive Tables are based on the US Navy Decompression Tables and have been designed specifically for recreational diving (figure 5-6)….The NAUI Dive Tables are composed of three tables:

  • Table 1 – End-Of-Dive Letter Group.
  • Table 2 – Surface Interval Time (SIT) Table.
  • Table 3 – Repetitive Dive Timetable.

Can PADI convert to NAUI?

It’s worth noting that you can’t receive a certification unless you complete that specific course, i.e. you cannot convert your entry-level NAUI certification to a PADI Open Water Diver certification unless you complete the Open Water training and theory.

Can you mix PADI and NAUI?

yeah, mixing rarely poses a problem. I got OW and AOW via PADI, then got rescue and on via NAUI.

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