Who won the European Handball Championship?

Who won the European Handball Championship?

BUDAPEST, Jan. 30 (Xinhua) — Sweden won the Men’s EHF EURO 2022 handball championship here on Sunday, beating Spain 27-26 in a fantastic match, while the bronze medal went to Denmark, who defeated France 35-32.

Who are European champions in handball?

Spain, however, have won most medals….European Men’s Handball Championship.

Current season, competition or edition: 2022 European Men’s Handball Championship
Sport Handball
Continent Europe (EHF)
Most recent champion(s) Sweden (5th title)

How many times have Denmark won handball?

As of January 2021, they are the fourth most successful team in World Championship history behind France, Sweden and Romania, having won six medals….Denmark men’s national handball team.

Best result 1st (2019, 2021)
European Championship
Appearances 14 (First in 1994)
Best result 1st (2008, 2012)

Who won the Handball World Cup 2013?

2013 World Men’s Handball Championship

Tournament details
Venue(s) 6 (in 6 host cities)
Final positions
Champions Spain (2nd title)
Runner-up Denmark

Who invented European handball?

The game was codified at the end of the 19th century in Denmark. The modern set of rules was published in 1917 by Karl Schelenz, Max Heiser, and Erich Konigh, on 29 October in Berlin, which day is seen as the date of birth of the sport.

Who won handball Olympics 2018?

Tokyo Olympics: France wins first women’s handball gold after beating ROC 30-25 – Sportstar.

Who is father of handball?

Karl Schelenz
It was Karl Schelenz (1890 – 1956) that made Torball suitable for men’s practice in 1919 (British Columbia Handball Federation, n.d.), which is why he is deemed the founder of handball as a modern sport (International Olympic Committee, 1986).

Which country national game is handball?

List of National Sports

Country Sport
Iceland Handball
India Field Hockey, Cricket
Indonesia Pencak Silat
Iran Varzesh-e Bastani (wrestling)

What is the European men’s Handball Championship?

The European Men’s Handball Championship is the official competition for senior men’s national handball teams of Europe and takes place every two years since 1994, in the even-numbered year between the World Championship.

Who has scored the most goals in a European Handball Championship?

The record-holder for scored goals in a single Euro Championship is Sander Sagosen. He scored 65 goals for Norway at the 2020 European Men’s Handball Championship that took place in Austria, Sweden and Norway.

Which country has won the most Olympic medals in handball?

The most successful team is Sweden who have won four titles. Spain, however, have won most medals. In 1946, the International Handball Federation was founded by eight European nations, and though non-European nations competed at the World Championships, the medals had always been taken by European nations.

How did Sweden win the European Championship?

Sweden became the first European champion after defeating Russia by 34–21 in the final, Russia’s heaviest loss in their international history. Both teams had gone through the tournament without loss, but Sweden’s fast breaks became the key in the final; they scored 14 of their 34 goals on fast breaks.