Why are the Cardinals wearing black jerseys?

Why are the Cardinals wearing black jerseys?

— Don’t forget about the bag policy. It should be in everyone’s head by now, but just in case … — The Cardinals will be wearing their black uniforms. That’s good, because it’s also the breast cancer awareness game and frankly, the pink goes much better with black than red.

What is the black 8 on the Arizona Cardinals jersey?

The Arizona Cardinals have added a memorial patch on their jerseys to honour the life of former player Larry Wilson, who died last month at the age of 82.

What color is the Arizona Cardinals home jersey?

Arizona Cardinals/Colors

Who has the highest selling jersey in Arizona Cardinals history?

1. Larry Fitzgerald, wide receiver.

Will the Arizona Cardinals get new uniforms?

“Among the array that we look at around the team, it’s on our radar screen.” It’s official. The Cardinals will be getting new uniforms at some point. It just might still be a little ways off.

Why are the Cardinals wearing blue today?

The new Victory Blue uniforms, designed to be worn both at home and on the road, pay homage to Springfield’s baseball history with the 1930s-style “Springfield” across the chest as worn by players like Stan Musial when the city’s team competed in the Western Association, winning championships in 1932 and 1937.

When did Cardinals get black jerseys?

1975: The 1975 jersey is similar to that of the ’60s, with the numbers now outlined in black. Cardinal red and black stripes are also added to the sleeves.

What is the 45 patch on the Cardinals jersey?

Bob Gibson’s number 45 was retired by the St. Louis Cardinals in 1975. Gibson’s jersey number 45 was retired by the St. Louis Cardinals on September 1, 1975.

Are Cardinals getting new uniforms?

What football team colors are red and black?

Red and Black (Chicago Bulls, Atlanta Falcons)