Why do I have a weird pain in my inner thigh?

Why do I have a weird pain in my inner thigh?

Experiencing pain in the inner thigh can have many causes, including a muscle strain, a hernia, and kidney stones. Home remedies can often alleviate the pain, but medical treatment may also be needed, depending on the cause.

When should I see a doctor for inner thigh pain?

Typically, strains can be treated with ice, heat, and anti-inflammatory medications. More severe strains or tears may require treatment by a doctor. You should see a doctor if the pain doesn’t get better after a week or if the area is numb or leaves you unable to move your leg.

Why does my inner groin area hurt?

Summary. Groin pain can have many potential causes, including muscle strain, inguinal hernia, and kidney stones. Many causes are related to hip injuries or osteoarthritis. Less commonly, the pain may be related to nerves or have testicular origins.

Can a pinched nerve cause inner thigh pain?

Usually, pinching of the obturator nerve causes pain in the inner thigh. In general, pain occurs with activities such as running or sports. Sometimes, pain may be accompanied by numbness or pins and needles in the inner thigh or weakness of the adductor muscles.

Can a hernia cause inner thigh pain?

Hernias are the appearance of an internal body organ protruding out from the muscles or cavities it usually stays in. They are mostly seen in the abdominal region. Still, it can appear between the groin and upper thigh. Hernias in such areas result in pain in inner thigh.

How long does it take for a pulled groin to heal?

With rest and proper treatment, most groin strains heal on their own in about 4–8 weeks. More severe groin strains can take longer. It is very important to let the strain heal fully and get the doctor’s OK before going back to activities.

Does the sciatic nerve affect the groin area?

Pressure on the nerve can lead to pain in the low back, buttock, groin, or posterior thigh, and it can be a cause of sciatica, with pain, tingling, or numbness along the course of the sciatic nerve. Other nerves and structures in the area may also be impinged (compressed), leading to similar symptoms.

What nerve runs down your inner thigh?

Your obturator nerve is in your groin. It enables sensation and muscle movement in your inner thigh. Sports injuries and medical procedure complications can damage the nerve (obturator neuropathy).