Are alien warehouse decks good?

Are alien warehouse decks good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Great deck & trucks. For the money, you can’t beat this deal. This deck has the renowned pop of any alien workshop, not to mention a sweet graphic. I have owned AWS and zero decks, they both have about the same pop, if there is anyone looking to compare.

Is Rob Dyrdek still sponsored by Alien Workshop?

Through all the downs and ups Dyrdek has remained loyal to his only board sponsor — Dayton, Ohio’s Alien Workshop.

Who rides for Alien Workshop?

By the time you read this, the relaunched Alien Workshop will have officially beamed down their five new ams. They are Joey Guevara, Frankie Spears, Paul Liliani, Max Garson, and Brandon Nguyen.

Is Alien Workshop still a thing?

Alien Workshop produced skateboard decks, wheels, apparel, and other skateboard accessories prior to its closure in May 2014.

Are globe boards good?

Globe decks are quality pressed, lightweight, and durable. The components that come with the completes are great for mellow riding and simple tricks. Overall, most skaters agree Globe’s boards are reliable and good value for the money.

Who owns DC Shoes?

QuiksilverDC Shoes / Parent organization

Who owns Habitat Skateboards?

About Habitat Skateboards Created in 1999 and owned under distribution company Tum Yeto, Habitat was founded by pro skaters Chris Carter, Mike Hill, and Neil Blender. Their label is a sister brand to Alien Workshop and Reflex Bearings.

What brand of skateboard does Rob Dyrdek use?

Alien Workshop Rob
Alien Workshop Rob Dyrdek Marilyn Skateboard Deck 7.87 – Warehouse Skateboards.

Does Rob Dyrdek still skate?

He’s running the Dyrdek Machine So if Dyrdek isn’t holding down his own reality TV series, and he isn’t spending his days skateboarding, then what exactly is he working on right now? Currently, he spends most of his working hours immersed in his venture studio, the Dyrdek Machine.