Are PJ Harvey and Mick Harvey related?

Are PJ Harvey and Mick Harvey related?

Since then, they’ve neared orbits — both writing songs for the same Marianne Faithfull album, Harvey welcoming Cave’s former Bad Seeds and Birthday Party bandmate and “Red Right Hand” cowriter Mick Harvey (no relation) into her band — but they’ve kept a distance.

Is the Boatmans call about PJ Harvey?

The Boatman’s Call has long been considered one of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ most confessional records, written around the time of Cave’s break-up with English musician PJ Harvey.

Why did PJ Harvey and Nick Cave split?

Writing on his Red Hand Files website, artist suggested drugs and infidelity were reasons why he was dumped by the fellow artist.

Did Nick Cave and Mick Harvey fall out?

In a new interview with Spinner, Harvey suggested splitting with long-time collaborator and friend Nick Cave was down to the band spending too much time on management issues and, inevitably, musical differences. Harvey said, “It was a combination of an awful lot of things.

What Nick Cave songs are about PJ Harvey?

Nick Cave Discusses His Breakup with PJ Harvey and How it Inspired “The Boatman’s Call”

Did Nick Cave have a relationship with PJ Harvey?

Nick Cave and PJ Harvey briefly dated in the ’90s; Nick reminisced on the dissolution of the relationship last year on his Red Hand Files site, saying that when she told she wanted to break up, “I was so surprised I almost dropped my syringe.” Now PJ has shared a few mementos of their time together, which are currently …

When did Blixa leave the bad seeds?

Blixa Bargeld Ending up as a founding member of the Bad Seeds, Bargeld brought a guitar sound that was both mournful and sweeping to the band for twenty years until his departure in 2003, citing a desire to return to focus on Einstürzende Neubauten.

Did Nick Cave write a song about his son?

Most of the album had been written at the time of Cave’s son’s death, but several lyrics were amended by Cave during subsequent recording sessions and feature themes of death, loss, and personal grief….

Skeleton Tree
Genre Avant-garde ambient electronica
Length 39:42
Label Bad Seed Ltd.
Producer Nick Cave Warren Ellis

How many wives Nick Cave have?

Born and raised in rural Victoria, Cave studied art in Melbourne before fronting the Birthday Party, one of the city’s leading post-punk bands, in the late 1970s….Nick Cave.

Nick Cave AO
Spouse(s) Viviane Carneiro ​ ​ ( m. 1990; div. 1996)​ Susie Bick ​ ​ ( m. 1999)​
Partner(s) Anita Lane (1977–1983)
Children 4
Musical career

Is Polly about PJ Harvey?

The band’s frontman, John Parish, became her long-term collaborator. In 1991, she formed an eponymous trio called PJ Harvey and subsequently began her career as PJ Harvey….PJ Harvey.

PJ Harvey MBE
Birth name Polly Jean Harvey
Also known as Polly Harvey
Born 9 October 1969 Bridport, Dorset, England