Do National Guard officers go to OCS?

Do National Guard officers go to OCS?

OCS graduates are commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the Army National Guard, with a state and federally recognized commission, valid in any state or on active duty. Officers are among a select few with the responsibility of leadership and the authority and freedom to do things on their own.

Is DC National Guard active duty?

The D.C. National Guard is the only National Guard unit, out of all of the 54 states and territories, which reports only to the President. The D.C. National Guard provides mission-ready personnel and units for active duty in the armed services in the time of war or national emergency.

How do I get into National Guard OCS?

The traditional route is to attend a state Officer Candidate School regional training institute weekend only for 16 to 18 weeks, plus two one-week training sessions. The second route is National Guard Bureau Accelerated Officer Candidate School, an intense eight-week program.

Can you do OCS on weekends?

Do you get any time off during OCS? You will have MOST weekends or parts of them off.

Do you get paid during OCS?

Candidates are paid at the pay grade of E-5 (Sergeant pay grade), “or the highest pay grade achieved if” entering… “directly from current service at a pay grade above E-5.” This means you will be paid at least as an E-5, but current Marines will not get a pay cut.

What does Title 32 National Guard mean?

Activation under Title 32 U.S.C. means that your state’s governor has been authorized or directed by the president to mobilize or activate the National Guard in your state. You perform on active duty under state control, but with pay and benefits provided by the federal government.

How long is OCS Army National Guard?

OCS is a 12-week course designed to train, assess, evaluate, and develop second lieutenants for the U.S. Army. It is the only commissioning source that can be responsive to the U.S. Army’s changing personnel requirements due to its short length, compared to other commissioning programs and their requirements.