Do they make a 12 by 12 tarp?

Do they make a 12 by 12 tarp?

12X12 Waterproof Multi-Purpose Poly Tarp – Blue Tarpaulin Protector for Cars, Boats, Construction Contractors, Campers, and Emergency Shelter. Rot, Rust and UV Resistant Protection Sheet.

What is the largest size tarp?

170′ x 170′
Tarp sizes can range from 5′ x 7′ to 170′ x 170′ and even above. The size of a tarp more often than not corresponds with the use. Typically, large tarps such as baseball infield covers are used for athletic field covering for football fields, soccer fields, baseball fields and horse riding arenas.

What are standard tarp sizes?

Shop by Tarp Size

  • 20’x40′
  • 20’x30′
  • 16’x20′
  • 12’x12′

How much does a large tarp cost?

A simple blue water resistant poly tarp costs anywhere from approximately $10 to $100, whereas a heavy duty fully waterproof PVC vinyl tarp will cost anywhere from $30 to $400.

What tarps are waterproof?

Canvas tarps and polypropylene (or “poly” tarps) are often water resistant or repellent. We can’t find products matching the selection. Usually, only heavy duty PVC (vinyl) tarps are actually waterproof, though there are some exceptions to this rule on the market.

What kind of tarp do I need for above ground pool?

Choose a heavy-duty woven polyethylene or polyvinyl tarp, because this will give the pool cover extra weight and keep it in place. Do not use old-fashioned canvas tarpaulins, as they do not hold up well over time.

How much are Ollies tarps?

just 99¢
Trot down to Ollie’s for some totally terrific tarps! At just 99¢ for a 4’x6′, we’ve got you covered! Right now is TARP TIME, and we’ve got tons of sizes to choose from.

Why are tarps traditionally blue?

Tarps are blue as a means of identification based upon an informal color-coding system. The blue color typically indicates a tarp made of coated polyethylene that is typically waterproof, stretch resistant, UV resistant, and tear-resistant.

How do I know what size tarp I need?

You just need something at least as wide as your shoulders, and a little taller than you. So, if you’re 6 feet tall, then a tarp 7 feet or longer will work. As for width, the average adult male has a shoulder width of under 2 feet, so something 3 feet wide or larger for any person should fit well.

What is the toughest tarp?

Iron Horse polyester tarp
The toughest tarp you’ll find is the Iron Horse polyester tarp. It comes in seven colors (black, blue, brown, green, grey, tan, and white). This tarp is twice as tough as a canvas tarp. It’s completely waterproof and doesn’t stain or smell of plastic.

Can rain get through a tarp?

They will not absorb any moisture. Water-resistant tarps can only repel water for a limited amount of time. In a torrential downpour, the material will get wet and water will start to leak through the tarp.

What size tarp do I need for a 12 ft pool?

So, for a 12’x19′ pool, we need a cover made for pools that are at least 12′ wide and 19′ long. For the round pool example, we’ll need a cover meant for a pool greater than 25′ in diameter.