Does Amsterdam have a museum pass?

Does Amsterdam have a museum pass?

The Amsterdam Museum Card represents a personal pass to enter more than 400 museums in the Netherlands. It costs €59.90 for adults and €32.45 for youngsters up to 18 years of age. The price includes one time starting fee of €4.95, which has to be paid only at the first purchase of the Museum Card.

How much is museum card in Netherlands?

The Museum card (Dutch: “Museumkaart”) is a personal card that allows free entrance to about 400 museums in the Netherlands. As of 2019, the card costs €64.90 (including €4.95 administrative expenses) for adults, and is valid for one year.

How do you get a museum card in Amsterdam?

Order your Netherlands Museum Pass online at and pay securely using iDeal. Your Netherlands Museum Pass will be sent by mail. Or buy the Netherlands Museum Pass at a museum cash desk.

Is Amsterdam City card worth?

Honestly, if you want to limit yourself to a few select attractions while in Amsterdam, the I amsterdam card is probably not a good value. If you are a fast paced sightseer though and want to see as much of Amsterdam’s museums/attractions as possible, this card is really worth considering.

What is a museum card?

Writing a Museum Title Card These are the small white cards that are typically next to a work of art. A text panel consists of the following information – typically in this order: Title of the Piece. Date of piece or date of dynasty, etc (depends on the specific piece) Artist (Often provide date of their life)

Are museums in the Netherlands free?

The Dutch Museum Pass (Museumkaart) gives free admission to almost all museums in Holland and the other Dutch provinces.

How much does an I Amsterdam card cost?

Overview Table City Cards:

Attractions Pass: I amsterdam City Card* Combination Ticket*
Public Transportation incl.:
Mobile or digital Pass:
Free cancellation option:
Approx. costs for hours / attractions: hours: 24: € 65.00 48: € 90.00 72: € 110.00 96: € 125.00 120: € 135.00 attractions: 2: € 42.00

How do I get a ICOM card?

Individual membership You can become a member if you are (or were, if now retired) professionally connected to a museum or museum support organisation, if you are self-employed and mainly provide services or knowledge to the museum sector, or if you are studying for a museum position.