Does SF Express deliver to Singapore?

Does SF Express deliver to Singapore?

Service Coverage Pickup: Chinese Mainland, HMT districts, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea USA and Australia; Delivery: 43 countries and regions including Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, USA, Brazil, Russia and 28 European countries.

How do I contact SF International?

For China to EU inquiries, please send an email to SF Customer Service Center (gzgjts[email protected]) or call 95338….SF Service Points.

State/City Address Unique Code
London Unit B, Crosspoint Distribution Park, Swallowfield Way, Hayes, Middlesex. UB3 1DQ United Kingdom. UK1809001-001

What is SPX in Shopee?

Shopee Xpress (SPX), also known as Standard Delivery, is handled directly by Shopee to deliver your orders in the fastest time possible. Pick Up. Delivery.

What is SF international shipping?

To satisfy customers’ demands on urgent shipment delivery, SF provides you with a high-quality door-to-door international express delivery service at top speed from shipping, transit to delivery.

Who is SF Express?

What is SF Express? SF Express is a Chinese multinational limited company that delivers cross-border delivery services and logistics. SF Express is based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, and has a range of delivery domestic and international options for individuals and businesses, including economy and express shipping.

How long does it take to receive a package from SF Express?

The Standard Express Service provides express shipping services with a delivery period of 3-5 business days. We provide pickup services from the 48 continental states and delivery services to all 50 US states. Customers can track shipments via our online tools and smartphone apps.

How do I contact SF Express UK?


  1. Express.
  2. Warehousing and Distribution Services.
  3. Cold Chain Services.

How do I contact SF Express Philippines?

For more information, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at 1 855 901 1133.

How do I track my SF Express?

How can I check the status/location of my shipment? You can check it on our website in the tracking number under “Track and Trace”, click “Search”, and you will have the information of your shipment. Besides, you can contact us at our hotline 1 855 901 1133 for inquiry as well. 3.

What is Shopee Xpress Singapore?

Shopee Xpress (SPX) offers drop-off service for all local sellers while providing pickup service for selected sellers. The rates are standardised for both self drop-off and pick-up by courier as follows: Guidelines on maximum weight/dimensions.