How can I get MasterCard in PNB?

How can I get MasterCard in PNB?

How to Apply?

  1. Personalised Debit card can be obtained from any branch of PNB by filling a Debit Card application form.
  2. In case of Non-Personalized card (without name/ photo) the card is issued immediately by branch.
  3. In case of a personalized card (with name/ photo) the card can be made available after 7-10 days.

What are the documents required for PNB ATM card?

Valid KYC documents i.e Voter ID, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, or any other valid ID/Address Proof.

Is PNB debit card Visa or MasterCard?


What is PNB Debit MasterCard?

PNB Debit MasterCard is a PIN-based ATM Card which provides 24/7 banking convenience using various channels. The card can be used across the globe wherever MasterCard and Maestro is accepted. It can be used for cashless purchases at over 32 million shops worldwide.

Can we apply PNB ATM card online?

PNB Debit card online apply facility is now available through PNB One Mobile Banking. You can now request a new ATM Debit card online for your Punjab National Bank account online.

Which PNB debit card best?

Rupay NCMC Platinum Debit Card

Purpose Platinum Debit Card
Per Day ATM Limit Rs. 50,000/-
Per Day POS/Ecom Combined Limit Rs.1,25,000/-
Maximum Cash withdrawal limit per txn. At PNB ATM Rs. 15,000/- At Other bank ATM Rs. 10,000/-
Validity Valid for 7 years

How can I apply for ATM card?

Log in to the internet banking or mobile banking account. Choose “e-services” Then choose “ATM Card services” and click on “Request ATM/Debit Card” Authenticate the request with an OTP sent to the registered mobile number.

Can I use PNB MasterCard abroad?

World wide Acceptance: Your card is accepted worldwide at all the outlets that displays the MasterCard logo. You are requested to call Bank on +44(0)800 849 9229 before you travel so that we can know that we can expect foreign currency transactions in your account.

What type of card is PNB?

PNB Credit Cards allow the cardholder to purchase products and services in-store and online within the set credit limit. PNB Prepaid Card is a secure and convenient way to store funds and make payments. Top up at our wide network of PNB branches nationwide.

How can I activate my PNB Debit Mastercard?

The One-Time PIN (OTP) is a unique six (6) – digit system-generated password sent to your registered mobile number via SMS for your online transactions using your PNB Debit Mastercard….PHP50,000.

Card Replacement PHP 150.00
Interbranch/interoffice Peso deposit transactions on select PNB branches* FREE

What is minimum balance in Punjab National Bank?

Internet Banking Login

Area of Branch Minimum Qly. Average Balance
Rural Rs.500/-
Semi- Urban Rs.1000/-
Urban Rs.2000/-
Metropolitan Rs.2000/-

Can we apply online for ATM card?

If you have an online SBI account, then you can easily avail the online service to apply for your new SBI ATM cum Debit Card without visiting the branch. You just need your login credentials and SBI profile password to apply for new SBI ATM Card online.