How can you tell if a 1966 quarter is silver?

How can you tell if a 1966 quarter is silver?

Since the 1966 Washington Quarter was minted after 1964, there is no silver in the coin, but rather a copper-nickel clad composition. This makes the coin weigh 5.67 grams and have a diameter of 24.3mm. Reeding, or bumps, can be found on the edges of the coin.

How much is a circulated 1966 quarter worth?

The 1966 quarters is quite common. After they were discontinued, they were valued around $2 to $7 depending on the grade of MS. During the time the US mint was able to produce approximately 821,101,500 of these quarters for circulation, which is nearly a billion quarters!

What is the 1965 quarter error?

The error type is also sometimes called a “wrong metal” error. This 1965 Washington quarter dollar is struck on a 90 percent silver planchet and graded About Uncirculated 53 by Professional Coin Grading Service.

How many quarters were minted in 1966?


Year Mint Mintage
1965 (D) ^
(S) ^
(S) 2,360,000
1966 (P) 821,101,500

Is there anything special about a 1983 quarter?

Among Washington quarter dollars, some issues from the 1980s that are generally worth face value become rarities in top Mint State grades. The Philadelphia Mint struck more than 673.5 million 1983 quarter dollars, but of the more than 1,000 graded by PCGS, just 11 have been graded MS-67.

What is the error on the 1965 quarter?

How much is a 1967 quarter with an error worth?

Values for off-center quarters largely depend on how much the coin is off center and also how much of the date is present. A 1967 quarter that is 10% to 25% off center could be worth $50 to $100, whereas one that shows 50% of the design missing yet offers a completely visible date can take $200 or more.

How much is a 1966 mistruck quarter worth?

How much is a 1966 quarter worth? Some 1966 quarters are worth more than face value… as much as $11,000! Find out how much your 1966 quarter is worth here. And how to identify a 1966 silver quarter.

Is a 1966 quarter worth anything?

The standard 1966 quarters are made of a clad composition that contains copper and nickel. The standard quarters are not valuable, however rare silver error coins could potentially be found….1966 Quarter. Where would the mint mark be on a 1966 quarter? A 1966 Washington Quarter can be worth $400 if graded and certified MS67 in a PCGS or NGC holder.

What state Quarters have errors?

1796 Draped Bust Quarter.

  • 1804 Draped Bust Quarter.
  • 1805 B-2 Draped Bust Quarter. Source: PCGS.…
  • 1807 B-2 Draped Bust Quarter.…
  • 1818 B-8 Proof Capped Bust Quarter.
  • 1823 3 Over 2 Capped Bust Quarter.
  • 1828 B-3 25/5/50 Error Reverse Capped Bust Quarter.
  • 1834 Proof Capped Bust Quarter.