How do I activate Google Play Music?

How do I activate Google Play Music?

For your watch, phone, tablet, or car

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, say “Hey Google, open Assistant settings.” Or, go to Assistant settings.
  2. Tap Music.
  3. Choose a music service.

Why Google Play Music is no longer available?

Google discontinued Play Music to replace it with a new music streaming service called YouTube music. YouTube is owned by Google, so the new app is essentially a new, updated and rebranded version of Google Play Music.

Can I use Google Play Music for free?

Google Play Music allows you to upload up to 50,000 songs for free. The bad news is that you cannot upload any songs from your Android smartphone or tablet to Google Play Music. You have to use a PC to accomplish this.

What happened to Google Play?

In October 2020, the Google Play Movies & TV apps were rebranded as “Google TV.” Google TV has expanded the functionality of the Play Movies & TV app. Instead of being only a place for your purchased content, it’s now a central hub for your library and streaming services.

What is the replacement for Google Play Music?

Android TV – An update for Android TV brings YouTube Music to the big screen, letting listeners enjoy videos and live performances from their favorite artists, along with all their favorite music.

Where has Google music gone?

Google has announced that the app will be shut down and replaced by the YouTube Music app, which has been available for a few years. If you’re a Google Play Music user, it’s easy to move your files, playlists, and other data to the new service, and maintain your paid subscription if you have one.

How much does Google Play cost a month?

For $9.99 a month, your Google Play Music subscription offers: Ad-free, on-demand streaming of more than 40 million songs. Albums and playlists for downloading and listening offline on your mobile device.

How much does it cost for Google Music?

What is Google Play Music?

Google Play Music
Library Limit Up to 50K songs upload
Supported Systems Desktop, Android, iOS
User per Account 6 users
Price $9.99/month (individual plan) $14.99/month (family plan)

Where did my Google Play Music library go?

Users can visit or the Android or iOS app to see a Transfer to YouTube prompt. They will be redirected to YouTube Music, where the transfer will take place. The transfer includes playlists, songs, albums, likes, upload purchases, and billing information.

Where are the Google Play Music files stored?

google. android. music/files/music/ . If you have it use the internal storage, the path will be /sdcard/Android/data/com.