How do I get my Zedge Ringtones to my iPhone?

How do I get my Zedge Ringtones to my iPhone?

Please open up “Settings” on the Zedge app and click on RINGTONE GUIDE for a step by step guideline. As soon as you complete the steps in the Ringtone Guide you will be able to access the Ringtones on your device.

How do I sync my ringtones from iTunes to my iPhone?

1. Open iTunes and make sure that your iPhone is connected to your computer. 2. Click on DEVICES -> APPS -> scroll down to FILE SHARING -> highlight the tones you wish to sync -> click on the SAVE TO button at the bottom and save this, for easy access, to a file (maybe title it My Ringtones) on your desktop.

Why wont my Zedge Ringtones work on iPhone?

Question: Q: Can’t set up Zedge ringtone No, it’s because it’s not possible to install new ringtones directly from iPhone. Unless you buy them in iTunes or make them with Garageband. To install your ringtones from Zedge, you need to transfer them to a PC/Mac.

Does Zedge Ringtones work on Apple?

The new Zedge Ringtones app is currently available in the U.S. and Canada, and will be available worldwide by December 1, 2016. Overall, Zedge enjoys more than 220 million downloads worldwide across Android and iOS platforms.

Why are my ringtone not syncing on iPhone?

Verify that the the ringtones are 40 seconds or less. Confirm that you have checked “Sync only checked songs and videos” on the Summary tab of your iTunes sync settings. Confirm that you have checked the box next each of the ringtones that you want to sync to your phone in the Tones folder of your iTunes library.

How do I sync my ringtones to my iPhone 2021?

Click the “Tones” tab in the left sidebar, drag and drop the ringtone from desktop to iTunes. After the drag and drop, the ringtones will be synced to the iPhone automatically.

Why can’t I see tones in iTunes?

To check to see if it was added to your library, go to Edit>Preferences, on the General tab make sure Tones is checked under Show. Then go to View>Show Sidebar. Tones should now be visible on the top left under Library; click the Tones folder and see if your ringtone is there.