How do I install my H&S Mini Maxx?

How do I install my H&S Mini Maxx?

Connect the Power Wire to the fuse jack, place the fuse back into the slot, and close the fuse box. In this section you will connect the Mini Maxx HDMI cable to the OBD ll Adaptor plug and then run the other end of the HDMI cable up the side of the vehicle dash and connect it to the back of the Mini Maxx.

Does the Mini Maxx have to stay plugged in?

Registered. You’ll be fine without it plugged in.

Can you still update a H&S Mini Maxx?

Sadly there are no more updates available for H&S tuners.

What does a mini Maxx tuner do?

The Mini Maxx enables you to remove all components of your DPF system and also turns off codes for the related sensors, eliminating check engine lights. Delete Disables the EGR function and any related check engine lights and DTCs.

Why is H&S Mini Maxx discontinued?

The longer answer: H&S Performance, the manufacturer of XRT Pro and Mini Maxx Diesel tuner units, went out of business after being heavily fined by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Can I unplug my mini Maxx?

Yep. You can unplug it and take it out after you program your rig to what you want.

Is H&S Mini Maxx Vin locked?

If your H&S XRT Pro, Mini Maxx, or Black Maxx tuner is locked to another truck and you can’t remove it, then you need a VIN Lock Reset Code. This code allows you to reset the tuner back to factory defaults and tune a new truck.

Can I unplug my mini Maxx tuner?

Is Mini Maxx a good tuner?

The Mini Maxx is the small, easy-to-use, immediately adjustable, impressively effective tuner that fit our F-250 perfectly.

Will a H&S Mini Maxx work on a 2015 6.7 Powerstroke?

H&S MINI MAXX | YES, IT WILL FIT A 2015 POWERSTROKE The H&S Mini Maxx will work on the 2008-2016 Ford Powerstroke Diesel. It’s common knowledge the H&S Mini Maxx will work up to 2014.

What does Vin lock mean?

VINLock’s process is straightforward: VINLock partners share vehicle data with VINLock for free, and in exchange, they gain a greater level of security over their assets. ​ ​ All funded vehicle data is entered into the VINLock database, and if the lender so chooses, PPSAs are registered.​