How do I look up court cases in San Mateo County?

How do I look up court cases in San Mateo County?

The court provides two systems for accessing cases online. Use the MIDX system to find index information for cases tried in civil, criminal, family, probate, and small claims courts. The public can search for cases with the MIDX system by providing information such as name, file date, and case number.

How do I get a police report in San Mateo County?

You may call San Mateo Police Department’s Records Unit with general questions during normal business hours at (650) 522-7710 or email [email protected] The Records Unit is open 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday – Friday.

How do I postpone jury duty in San Mateo County?

Remember that you can postpone jury service to a more convenient time. Persons requiring special arrangements or accommodations, please call: 650-261-5002 or email [email protected]

Where can I find San Mateo Superior Court cases?

MIDX- MIDX is an index that allows you to search San Mateo Superior Court’s non-confidential and non-sealed cases by case number, party name or case filing date. Odyssey Public Portal- The Odyssey Public Portal allows you to view non-confidential and non-sealed case information and documents.

What are San Mateo County criminal records?

San Mateo County criminal records are official documents that provide comprehensive information on the criminal history of persons within the county. San Mateo criminal records are also known as rap sheets. They consist of the record subject’s names, arrests reports, indictments, convictions, and sentences.

How to find a birth record in San Mateo County?

The Office of the Clerk-Recorder is responsible for issuing birth records in San Mateo County. To obtain a birth record through an in-person request, complete the Application for Certified Copy of Birth Record and submit it at: The office remains open from Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 pm.

Are court proceedings open to the public in San Mateo County?

Updated 11/22/21 – The listen-only public access lines are no longer in effect; proceedings are open to the public to attend in person. San Mateo County Superior Court is committed to continuing public access to court proceedings during and after the pandemic emergency.