How do I use tactics in Dragon Age Origins?

How do I use tactics in Dragon Age Origins?

With this approach your characters can use their sustained abilities for free. To force the party to focus on a single target use Enemy: Target of Main Character → Attack and have your main character call the target. Alternatively, to let the party Tank select the target, use Enemy: Target of [Tank Character] → Attack.

How do you trigger Alistair romance?

Alistair can only be romanced by a female Warden. Take a joking route with Alistair as often as possible, so long as you are not laughing at him or his romantic gestures. Humorous responses instead of serious ones will often lead to a bigger approval bonus.

Can you romance Alistair as a male warden?

Alistair’s romance with a male Warden is nothing but undertones, and it’s a missed opportunity.

How do I get the most money in Dragon Age: Origins?

Ten Tips

  1. 1.) Save Often. The first, most important, and perhaps most obvious tip we’re going to give you here is to save, and save often.
  2. 2.) Multiple Playthroughs.
  3. 3.) Equipment!
  4. 4.) Limited Leveling.
  5. 5.) Swap Your Party.
  6. 6.) Nurture Your Relationships.
  7. 7.) Proceed With Caution.
  8. 8.) Side Quests.

Should I harden Alistair or not?

Alistair, like Leliana, is a character that can be hardened during his personal quest. Most guides advise hardening him if the player wants to make him king. Basically, a hardened Alistair has more confidence and is willing to put duty above feelings. This makes him much more willing to become king.

What happens if Alistair is not hardened?

If you want Alistair to be King (whether its hardened or unhardened), Loghain dies. period. Alistair nor any character on a path of good is going to allow Loghian to live. He did try to have you assassinated.

Is Alistair a virgin?

[Spoilers All] Alistair is a dorky and awkward virgin who collects action figures. Just think about that for a few minutes. Not only that but by the end of the game he can potentially have slept with four different women (The Warden, Anora, Morrigan and Isabella), what is your secret Alistair?

What is the best sword in Dragon Age Origins?

Battleaxes: Moderate damage,and slowest attack speed for two-handed melee. Has the best criticals,but only average armor penetration (AP).

  • Greatswords: High damage output,but average AP and critical chance. The fastest two-handed weapon.
  • Mauls: Lowest damage of the two-handed weapons,but best AP. Also has the best attribute modifier bonus.
  • What is the strongest bow in Dragon Age Origins?

    Dragon Age: Origins Xbox 360 . #004 Starfang is both the strongest 2H and longsword in the game, making Starfang(2H) the strongest weapon in-game.

    What is the best class in Dragon Age Origins?

    The developers have cited “realistic” fantasy fiction such as George R.

  • Dragon Age: Origins is the first BioWare game developed for the PlayStation 3.
  • The music for Dragon Age: Origins was performed by the Seattle Northwest Sinfonia Orchestra.
  • How to make Dragon Age Origins?

    – The first tier allows you to make basic traps. You will need one skill point to spend in order to gain this tier. – The second tier allows you to make slightly more complex traps. – The third tier allows you to make third-tier traps. – The fourth tier allows you to make all traps in the game.