How do you get command sponsorship in the Air Force?

How do you get command sponsorship in the Air Force?

Members must complete the attached application, obtain Commander’s signature and complete the documents listed on the additional requirements list for their category of dependent. When submitting command sponsorship requests for more than one dependent, ensure all documents for each dependent’s situation are completed.

How do I get an army sponsorship certificate?

The sponsorship training can be found at or through Army Knowledge Online (AKO) (Self-Service-My Education-ATRRS). Search “Total Army Sponsorship Training Course”, course number 1B-F43 (V). Click “register” and fill out the application (see figure 5-1).

How long is command sponsorship?

The entire application process can take 3 weeks to 3 months, from completing the required forms and family EFMP screenings (and enrollments if needed) to the review of your completed application.

What qualifies you for EFMP?

To qualify for EFMP family members must legally reside with the active duty sponsor, be enrolled in the Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System (DEERS) and the Marine Corps Total Forces System (MCTFS).

What does it mean to be command sponsored?

Being granted Command Sponsorship means that your family members are approved to accompany a DoD member “Outside the Continental U.S.” (OCONUS) for the length of his or her tour. Command Sponsorship of dependents is not guaranteed.

What does a sponsor do in the military?

Sponsors are trained service members who help newcomers settle into a new duty station. They are available to all military families, no matter where you are moving.

What is the Army sponsorship program?

The Total Army Sponsorship Program, or TASP, mission is to help Soldiers, civilian employees and their families better integrate into the U.S. Army, and to assist them when they transition to different units.

Do you need command sponsorship for Alaska?

Command Sponsorship and COLA Alaska is considered an overseas assignment. All Family members MUST be in a Command Sponsorship status in order to travel with the active duty Soldier. Your dependents airfare will not be reimbursed if you are NOT Command Sponsored and travel to Alaska.