How does public opinion affect the political process quizlet?

How does public opinion affect the political process quizlet?

Public opinion affects the political process in many ways. The political culture provides a general environment of support for the political system, allowing the nation to weather periods of crisis. The political culture also helps Americans to evaluate their government’s performance.

What are the three major forces that help shape public opinion?

The main factors shaping public opinion include family, school/education, mass media, peer groups, opinion leaders, and historic events.

How does public opinion influence public policy quizlet?

How does public opinion affect policy making? Public opinion does not make public policy; rather, it restrains government officials from making truly unpopular actions/laws.

What branch of the government has the most power?


What is the main purpose of public opinion polls?

Opinion polls are usually designed to represent the opinions of a population by conducting a series of questions and then extrapolating generalities in ratio or within confidence intervals. A person who conducts polls is referred to as a pollster.

How are public opinions formed?

The formation of public opinion starts with agenda setting by major media outlets throughout the world. Social desirability is the idea that people in general will form their opinions based on what they believe is the prevalent opinion of the social group they identify with.

Which branch is the least dangerous?

Alexander Hamilton once described the judiciary as the least dangerous branch of government, since it controlled no armies and lacked spending power.

How much power does Supreme Court have?

The best-known power of the Supreme Court is judicial review, or the ability of the Court to declare a Legislative or Executive act in violation of the Constitution, is not found within the text of the Constitution itself. The Court established this doctrine in the case of Marbury v.

What two shortcuts to political knowledge are discussed in the text?

What two shortcuts to political knowledge are discussed in the text? The first shortcut is on-line processing. The second shortcut is the two-step flow of information. The textbook identifies four characteristics of ideal citizenship and concludes that only some Americans live up to them.

Which branch is the least powerful?

The judicial branch

What two factors have the biggest impact on public opinion?

Public opinion can be influenced by age, gender, income, hobbies, race, religion, occupation, etc., as well as the economic situation during or concerning a public issue. Public opinion can also be influenced by mass media which includes television, magazines, radio, and newspapers.

How does public opinion affect the Supreme Court quizlet?

How has public opinion influenced the Supreme Court? The Court may sometimes delay issuing a decision on a certain issue based on expected reaction by the public. The public indirectly chooses the justices themselves, who ultimately reflect public opinion in their decisions.

Why are public officials most likely to be influenced by public opinion high in intensity?

(T or F) The First Amendment prevents the government from placing limits on members of the mass media. (T or F) Public officials are most likely to pay attention to public opinion that is high in intensity because that means people are against a position.

How are political views formed quizlet?

political views are formed by family, social groups, education, and economic conditions. A value is the basic principle that shapes a persons opinions about political issues and events.

How does the Courts power of judicial review affect the balance of power in the federal government?

Because the power of judicial review can declare that laws and actions of local, state, or national government are invalid if they conflict with the Constitution. It also gives courts the power to declare an action of the executive or legislative branch to be unconstitutional.

How power is divided in the United States government?

The Government of the United States, the federal government, is divided into three branches: the executive power, invested in the President, the legislative power, given to Congress (the House of Representatives and the Senate), and the judicial power, vested in one Supreme Court and other federal courts created by …

What factors influence a person’s political opinions?

There are many factors that affect political participation. Education, gender, age and family are some of them. The family factor is an important factor that the individual has been in since he was born.

What is a pseudo poll?

A voodoo poll (or pseudo-poll) is a pejorative description of an opinion poll with no statistical or scientific reliability, which is therefore not a good indicator of opinion on an issue.

What factors influence Supreme Court decisions?

A justice’s decisions are influenced by how he or she defines his role as a jurist, with some justices believing strongly in judicial activism, or the need to defend individual rights and liberties, and they aim to stop actions and laws by other branches of government that they see as infringing on these rights.

Why is the Supreme Court insulated from public opinion?

Since Justices do not have to run or campaign for re-election, they are thought to be insulated from political pressure when deciding cases. The Court also has original jurisdiction in cases involving ambassadors and other diplomats, and in cases between states.

Are the three branches of government really equal?

Branches of the Government. The American system of government is established by the United States Constitution, which provides for three separate but equal branches of government–legislative, executive, and judicial. Together, these branches make, execute, and interpret the laws that govern our country.

Who decides if something is constitutional?

The judicial branch interprets laws and determines if a law is unconstitutional. The judicial branch includes the U.S. Supreme Court and lower federal courts. There are nine justices on the Supreme Court.

How opinions are formed?

In this light, the formation of public opinion is understood to be a process that revolves around individuals. It begins with their exposure to politically relevant experiences and information. Each individual processes this information, thereby coming to a judgment that yields an attitude.