How good is Mali-400 GPU?

How good is Mali-400 GPU?

Focussing on reduced power and bandwidth consumption, the Mali-400 GPU was the GPU of choice for reduced cost devices. 4x Multi-Sampling with virtually no performance drop. 16x AA outperforming all implementations of comparable quality.

Which GPU is best ARM Mali or Adreno?

Question: Which GPU is better Mali or Adreno? Answer: Both Adreno and Mali GPUs of comparable performance are available in the market but when we compare their best processors, the Adreno 640 outperforms Mali-G76 MP16 GPU by a good margin.

Is Adreno 305 good?

The Adreno 305 usually only offers half of the performance of the the Adreno 320 and is only slightly ahead of the Mali-400 MP4. Very demanding Android games of 2013 may not run completely smooth, but simple titles like Angry Birds and the usual multimedia tasks are no problem.

Where is Mali Africa?

western Africa
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Is Adreno 330 good for gaming?

As a high-end GPU (in 2013) for Android based SoCs, the Adreno 330 is able to cope with even demanding games and high resolution displays. As you can see in our tests benchmarks below, the performance is similar to the PowerVR G6430 in the Apple A7 SoC.

Is Mali rich or poor?

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What language is spoken in Mali?

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