How good is the EAA Windicator?

How good is the EAA Windicator?

Like any good revolver, these are powerful, yet maintain a decent control. Shooting . 357 Magnum is no small thing, but the rubber grips do a pretty good job of boosting handling and overall ergonomics. Also, you can’t forget that these are surprisingly heavy, even the snub-nose models, so they’re not ideal as a CCW.

Where are EAA Windicator made?

Its name says it all, “Windicator.” Made in Germany by Weihrauch Revolver, this dependable revolver has your back! The six-shot, DA/SA Windicator is purpose- built with 2-inch, 4-inch, and now 6-inch barrel models.

What type frame is EAA Windicator?

The Windicator is a K-Frame more or less. Picture a Smith and Wesson Model 10 Military and Police and the size is about right, although in overall dimension, the Windicator may be a little smaller. The barrel, however, is a bit heavier than the Military and Police revolver.

What frame size is EAA Windicator?

The gun is a basic K-Frame size at about 26 oz. in weight. Lighter than my 1911’s, but still a good size for my large hands. I sold a J-frame Rossi because the butt was too small to hang on to properly.

What does EAA stand for in firearms?

European American Armory Inc. is a Rockledge, Florida based firearms company which imports a number of different handguns, shotguns and rifles to the United States. European American Armory Inc.

Who imports Girsan firearms?

Chiappa Firearms
Chiappa Firearms imports their M9, MC14 and MC27 lines from Girsan.

Who owns European American Armory?

European American Armory

Industry Firearms
Founded 1990
Headquarters Cocoa, Florida , United States
Area served U.S.A.
Key people Keith Bernkrant, President

Is tanfoglio an EAA?

The Tanfoglio Combat/Standard was introduced in 1997. The pistols are imported into the United States by European American Armory Inc. (EAA) and called the “Witness Steel”.

Is the EAA windicator worth it?

Over lunch, I looked-up everything I could find on the EAA Windicator. European American Arms (EAA), based in Florida, has been importing this revolver from a German company named Weihrauch for quite some time. The reviews spanned the gamut from “phenomenal” to “worthless.”

What kind of Revolver is a windicator 38 Special?

A sturdy double-action revolver with a swing-out cylinder, the Windicator is offered in a .38 Special version and also a .357 Magnum model. Since the .357 Magnum accepts both .38 Special and .357 Magnum loads, without any difficulty it was my first choice.

What is the best holster for the EAA windicator?

The most common holster for the EAA Windicator is the EAA-made Wraith Belt Holster. For under $50, this holster gets the job done, but it’s nothing fancy, to say the least. In terms of its overall quality, it’s just about average, probably due to the fact that it’s made by Galco.

Is the Weihrauch windicator a good revolver?

The revolver is manufactured by German manufacturer Weihrauch. For those preferring the revolver over a self-loader, and there are many, the EAA Windicator is a solid choice. A revolver is simpler to operate than a self-loader. If you do not hit the range monthly for practice, the revolver is probably the better choice.