How long is the Sentosa cable car round trip?

How long is the Sentosa cable car round trip?

about 15 minutes
The round trip on this line takes about 15 minutes and covers a brilliant stretch of Sentosa’s best attractions. You will have to return back to Imbiah Station and walk back to Sentosa to take the return cable car to Harbourfront Station.

Can I bring luggage on cable car?

The cable car is not designed to carry or load/unload suitcases. Take a taxI to your hotel and then go on the cable car luggage free.

How long is the cable car ride from Mount Faber to Sentosa?

How long is Singapore cable car ride? A round-trip on the Mount Faber Line is about 26 to 30 minutes, which translates to approximately 6.5 to 7.5 minutes between each station. Meanwhile, a round trip on the Sentosa Line is about 12 to 15 minutes, which translates to approximately 3 to 3.5 minutes between each station.

Can we buy cable car tickets at Sentosa?

The only cableway that links Mount Faber, HarbourFront and Sentosa Island, the Singapore Cable Car Sky Network connects you to a multitude of experiences while making the journey an unforgettable one….Get Your Tickets.

Adult (Above 13 years old) (SGD) $3.00 U.P $15.00
Child (4-12 years old) (SGD) $2.00 U.P $10.00

How much is a cable car ticket?

Ticket prices

Ticket Type Time Return
Morning: Adults 8am – 1pm R390
Morning: Kids (4 – 17 years) 8am – 1pm R190
Afternoon: Adults 1pm – until close R320
Afternoon: Kids (4 – 17 years) 1pm – until close R160

Can take cable car when raining?

They stop only if there’s thunder and lightning. In mild rain the view from above was fantastic.

How many people can take the cable car?

The cable car can take 6 adults, and can take up to 8 people if ride with kids.

Is Sentosa Express free?

Sentosa Express Guests with Ez-Link cards can simply tap and enter for free. Guests without Ez-Link cards will have to approach a service ambassador to request for free entry. Do note that the Sentosa Express will operate from 7am to 12am daily.

How do you get to HarbourFront cable car?

Getting There MRT: Take the Circle Line MRT (or Northeast Line) to HarbourFront station. Take Exit B towards the HarbourFront Centre. Cross the link bridge at level 2 (beside KFC) to get to HarbourFront Tower 2. You will see the ticketing counter at HarbourFront Tower 2 on the ground floor.

Can I eat on cable car?

No need to worry too much about hygiene issues either as each cabin is disinfected after every use. Each dining session lasts for about an hour, and accepts a minimum of two diners and a maximum of four diners. Boarding of the cable car starts at 5:30pm.