How many beds does Oklahoma Surgical hospital have?

How many beds does Oklahoma Surgical hospital have?

Identification and Characteristics

Name and Address: Oklahoma Surgical Hospital 2408 East 81st Street Tulsa, OK 74137
Total Staffed Beds: 75
Total Patient Revenue: $392,774,941
Total Discharges: 3,251
Total Patient Days: 7,187

Who owns CityPlex Towers in Tulsa?

Oral Roberts University
The owner is Oral Roberts University, while management and leasing is handled by Trinity Corporate Real Estate Advisors, LLC. The single building complex consists of a 20 story tower, a 30 story tower, and a 60 story tower all supported on a 4 story base that extends underneath all three towers.

How tall is the Oklahoma Surgical hospital?

The tallest is the 60-story CityPlex Tower which at 648 feet (198 m) is the third tallest building in Oklahoma (after Devon Tower and BOK Tower).

How tall are the CityPlex Towers?

648 feet
The second-tallest skyscraper in the city is the Cityplex Central Tower, which rises 648 feet (198 m) and was completed in 1979. The First Place Tower, completed in 1975 and rising 516 feet (157 m), is the third-tallest building in Tulsa….Tallest buildings.

Name Cityplex Central Tower
Height ft (m) 648 (197.5)
Floors 60
Year 1979

How tall is the City of Faith?

The City of Faith is now known as CityPlex Towers, and it houses corporate tenants. Its central tower stands 640 feet tall, which, Oral said, is the same height as the Jesus who appeared to Oral in a dream and told him to build it.

Does Oral Roberts University have a hospital?

Built by Evangelist Oral Roberts, the City of Faith combines a 60-story clinic and diagnostic center, a 30-story full-service hospital and a 20-story research center on one 80-acre site adjacent to the Oral Roberts University campus.

What happened to Oral Roberts University?

Embattled Oral Roberts University President Richard Roberts resigned on this day in 2007, following nearly two months of allegations that he and his family misused university and ministry resources. In his resignation letter, Roberts states: “I love ORU with all my heart.

Whats the oldest building in Tulsa Oklahoma?

Tulsa’s Oldest House (still in existence) is now located at Owen Park just Northwest of Downtown Tulsa. This typical house of the early 1880’s was originally built on acreage at 400 North Cheyenne. It was the parsonage home of Rev. Sylvester Morris, Tulsa Indian Territory Methodist minister (1836-1907).

How many floors are on the CityPlex in Tulsa?

The second-tallest skyscraper in the city is the Cityplex Central Tower, which rises 648 feet (198 m) and was completed in 1979….Tallest buildings.

Name Cityplex Central Tower
Floors 60
Year 1979
Coordinates 36°2′35.5″N 95°57′12.6″W
Notes 3rd-tallest in Oklahoma. Tallest building in the city outside of Downtown Tulsa.

How much did it cost to build the City of Faith?

Built entirely through contributions from followers of the Oral Roberts Ministries, the debt-free City of Faith is expected to cost more than $500 million when completed in 1988.

How tall is the prayer tower?

200 ft
The Prayer Tower is a late Googie design-influenced tower located on the campus of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The 200 ft (60.9 m) glass and steel structure, designed by Tulsa architect Frank Wallace, opened in 1967.

What happened to Oral Roberts medical school?

ORAL ROBERTS TO SHUT DOWN HOSPITAL AND MEDICAL SCHOOL AT TULSA. Evangelist Oral Roberts abandoned a 2 1/2-year fight this week to save his City of Faith Hospital and medical school, saying he will close both in the wake of his Tulsa ministry’s mounting $25 million debt.

What is CityPlex Towers?

CityPlex Towers is a complex of three high-rise office towers located at 81st Street and Lewis Avenue in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The complex was originally constructed by Oral Roberts University as City of Faith Medical and Research Center and meant to be a major charismatic Christian hospital.

What hospitals are located at Cityplex West?

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America was in CityPlex West until April 2005 when they built their own facility. Oklahoma Surgical Hospital, an orthopedic specialty hospital, operates on the lower floors of CityPlex West and the base building.

What happened to CityPlex?

During the 1990s, CityPlex was the home of Commercial Financial Services, a large debt collection agency founded by Bill Bartmann, which at one point had almost four thousand employees, but then filed a high-profile bankruptcy in 1998.

How do I contact CityPlex Towers leasing office?

Call the leasing office at (918) 493-8470 or email us at [email protected] . Exclusive Leasing and Management provided by CityPlex Towers.