How much are old 78 records worth?

How much are old 78 records worth?

He said that on average a rare jazz 78 might sell for $1,500 to $5,000, whereas sales for a comparable blues record would start at $5,000.

How much are old phonograph records worth?

Rare and Valuable LPs (33 RPM) Many have values that exceed $100. Some sell for $1000 or more. “Most collected artists” records have the highest values. Most “Fans” LPs made after 1970 sell for $10 or more and some made before 1970 sell for $100+.

How do you know if an old record is valuable?

Condition – This is possibly the most important factor when it comes to determining a record’s value. Collectors are looking for records in the best possible condition, with little to no wear and tear. The best ones are in mint condition, no scratches and have pristine covers.

Is there a market for old 78 records?

There’s a thriving market for classical recordings on 78 – in fact some of the most expensive recent sales of 78s on eBay are of very early (pre-1910) classical works on obscure labels.

How can I sell my old 78 records?

If you want to sell it yourself and you have a lot of high-quality stuff (>$5 per record), you could post them on Facebook’s 78 RPM Sell & Trade group or list on or even Facebook Marketplace or Sometimes even lesser-quality records can be listed.

How do you date old 78 records?

Often the best way to determine the age of a record is to look at the title and artist, and then research some dates. The copyright date of a song will give you a general idea, as will the birth and death dates of an artist.

Is there a market for old phonograph records?

Find buyers. Advertise in local classifieds or collectors’ publications. Go to record shows, local used record stores, flea markets or bazaars, or garage sales. Use the internet; there are are many auction and classified sites such as eBay where you can sell your records.

What do I do with old 78 records?

If you have old 78s you’d like to donate, the Great 78 Project will accept your old 78 records and digitize them to post online. But reading their FAQs, it does not appear they will ship those old records back to you.

What do I do with old gramophone records?

10 DIY Projects for Your Old Vinyl Records

  1. Wall Art:
  2. Dream Catcher:
  3. Clock:
  4. Frame the Album Covers:
  5. Make a Mirror Frame:
  6. Record Hat & Coat Rack:
  7. Record Cupcake Stand:
  8. Vinyl Record Bookends:

Do people still buy 78 records?

With the passing years, there are far more 78s around than collectors to buy them. However, it is always worth sending your list, as you may be pleasantly surprised by my offer if I find some rarities amongst your records.

Who is old gramophone records collectors?

Old Gramophone Records: Specialist collector of old 78s and classical lps based in Yorkshire, England. Sell your collection to me! Welcome to my web site! My name’s Rob and I am a collector of old 78rpm gramophone records, the shellac records made between the 1890s and the 1950s.

Are old records worth anything?

Beginning in the late 1930s, records were usually mass-produced, thus making them quite common. Old Records from about 1960 onward are VERY common in most cases. Still, many command good prices on eBay and other sites, while others fail to sell or sell at far below original retail.

Where can I find the old record price guide?

IGuide is proud to host the online Old Record Price Guide. The price guide is maintained by Jon R. Warren, whose price guide books have been the authority on collectibles values since 1985. TThe searchable database consists of detailed reports in an ever-growing database of items in this category.

What are the rarest records in history?

The market for the rarest records continues to be strong. The rare 1920s through 1960s keys from Paramount, Vocalion and others in original ‘like new’ condition are very much sought after and sell quickly at high prices. Beginning in the late 1930s, records were usually mass-produced, thus making them quite common.