How much BAH do you get at Fort Carson?

How much BAH do you get at Fort Carson?

BAH for Fort Carson ranges from $1,986 for E-1 to $2,367 for E-9 with dependents, and from $2,064 for O-1 to $2,625 for O-7 with dependents.

Does Fort Carson take all of BAH?

Housing assignments and terminations of on-post housing are conducted by Fort Carson Family Housing leasing operations. Soldiers’ full with dependent Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is applied as your monthly rent. If you are Dual Military, the senior Soldier’s BAH is applied.

How much BAH do you get in Colorado?

O-5 (Lieutenant Colonel, Commander)…2022 Denver-Aurora Metro Area Rates. Basic Allowance For Housing (BAH)

Grade With Dependents Without Dependents
E4 $2127.00 $1596.00
E5 $2373.00 $1779.00
E6 $2475.00 $1908.00
E7 $2508.00 $2136.00

How much is bah for and E4 Fort Carson?

2020 Enlisted Rates

With Dependents Without Dependents
E3 $1776.00 $1377.00
E4 $1776.00 $1377.00
E5 $1839.00 $1590.00
E6 $1860.00 $1710.00

What units are at Fort Carson?

Fort Carson, Colorado Mission & Units The installation is the home of the 4th Infantry Division, the 10th Special Forces Group, the 71st Ordnance Group and much more; it also hosts units of the U.S. Army Reserve, Navy Reserve and the Colorado Army National Guard.

How much is single BAH in Hawaii?

See the latest update on the 2022 Basic Allowance for Housing rates….MHA: HI408 – Military Housing Area Name: HONOLULU COUNTY, HI.

Grade With Dependents Without Dependents
E02 $2,670 $2,004
E03 $2,670 $2,004
E04 $2,670 $2,004
E05 $2,961 $2,220

How much is Camp Pendleton BAH?

BAH is Camp Pendleton is calculated by the main gate’s zip code, which is in Oceanside, CA. Camp Pendleton BAH ranges from $2,070 to $3,255 for enlisted. BAH at Camp Pendleton begins at $2,187 for O1 without dependents and goes up to $3,627 for O7 with dependents.