How much does it cost to get into pawtuckaway State Park?

How much does it cost to get into pawtuckaway State Park?

Fees. Admission is $5 for adults; $2 for children ages 6-11; children ages 5 and under, NH residents ages 65 and older with a valid ID are admitted for free; season passes are also available.

Can you get married in a NH state park?

New Hampshire State Parks are the crown jewels of the state and are the perfect place to have a wedding, reunion, group outing, or any other sort of event. To make a reservation, please call the number listed.

Is alcohol allowed at Pawtuckaway State Park?

Starting Thursday, alcohol will no longer be allowed in the day-use area of Pawtuckaway State Park in Nottingham and at Silver Lake State Park in Hollis. State officials say there have been complaints and incidents over the years and that the ban is aimed at maintaining a family friendly environment.

Can you swim in Pawtuckaway State Park?

Hiking, mountain biking, boating, swimming, and fishing are popular pastimes of campers. All sites are wooded and many provide views of the lake.

Is pawtuckaway lake clean?

At Pawtuckaway State Park Beach, out of every 100 samples collected, 55 are expected to be good. Compared to four popular state park beaches, Pawtuckaway State Park Beach is likely to have the least clean water samples. Avoid SLIME at the beach!

Can you drink alcohol in NH State Parks?

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on New Hampshire state beaches, and most New Hampshire towns have bylaws that make it illegal to drink in public, including town beaches and parks.

Is alcohol allowed in NH State Parks?

HOLLIS (AP) — The New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation is banning alcohol at two state parks.

Can you kayak at pawtuckaway?

Pawtuckaway Lake is a wonderful place to explore in a kayak, canoe, or paddle board. There are many coves and islands that are inaccessible to power boats, and glacial erratic boulders are strewn about the lake bottom, making it hazardous to operate propellers in some spots.

Can you drink alcohol in NH State parks?

Can you fish at Pawtuckaway State Park?

Pawtuckaway Lake boasts many opportunities for the angler to explore its coves and rocky hiding places for fish of all kinds. For those age 16 and older, it is necessary to obtain a fishing license before embarking on this recreational activity.

How many acres is pawtuckaway Lake?

784 acres
Pawtuckaway Lake (official name Pawtuckaway Pond) is a 784-acre (3.17 km2) reservoir in Rockingham County in southeastern New Hampshire, United States, in the town of Nottingham….

Pawtuckaway Lake
Basin countries United States
Max. length 3.5 mi (5.6 km)
Max. width 1.1 mi (1.8 km)
Surface area 784 acres (3.17 km2)