How much is a $1 superfecta key?

How much is a $1 superfecta key?

Superfecta Box Costs:

$1 Superfecta Box with four horses $24 (24 possible combinations)
$1 Superfecta Box with five horses $120 (120 possible combinations)
$1 Superfecta Box with six horses $360 (360 possible combinations)
$1 Superfecta Box with seven horses $840 (840 possible combinations)

What does a superfecta bet pay?

A $2 exacta bet pays $4,101.2, while a $1 trifecta bet pays $14,870.70 and a $1 superfecta pays out $321.500.10. Rich Strike will now head to the Preakness Stakes on May 21 for the next race in the Triple Crown.

What is a key box bet in horse racing?

A ‘Key Box’ bet includes all possible combinations of selected ‘key’ horse(s) when combined with other ‘non-key’ horses in a box bet. For Example, a $1 Trifecta Key Box: 1/2, 3, 4 This Key Box wager would cost $18.

What does a 10 cent superfecta pay?

With the 10-Cent Superfecta, you can make several combinations and use more than four horses for as little as a few dollars. To give you perspective, in a 14-horse race, there are almost 24,024 superfecta combinations possible. With a 10-Cent denomination, that is a $2,400 bet.

What is a superfecta key?

A superfecta key bet requires you to select a key horse to win the race, along with any combination of three or more horses to finish in the top four positions. You won’t be required to predict the horses that will finish second, third and fourth, though.

How much is a 10-cent superfecta box with 4 horses?

The key part of playing the superfecta involves how you build your ticket and what sticks out as the focus of your wager. For example, if you like four horses in the race, you can box them and it will cost you just $2.40 for a 10-cent base wager or $24 for a $1 ticket.

How many trifecta combinations with 20 horses?

How many combinations are there in a 20-horse field and what are the average payoffs? What is the right way to approach the exotics in such a large field? In a 20-horse field there are 116,280 possible winning combinations in the superfecta. For the trifecta it is 6,840 and the exacta has 380.

Did anyone hit the superfecta in the Kentucky Derby?

But Derby 148 hit the pentafecta because of the trip. Leon paced Rich Strike perfectly behind a blistering record first half mile.

How does a superfecta key box work?

How do you place a key bet?

A basic trifecta key involves selecting a key horse to finish the race in first place. The bettor can add two or more other horses to cover second and third place in any order. The wager wins if the keyed horse finishes first and the other selections finish in second and third place in any order.

How much does a 1 dollar trifecta box cost?

Trifecta Box Betting Costs This is a relatively expensive wager compared to other horse racing bets, but that is the price one pays to make multiple selections on one of the track’s highest-paying bets. Starting from a base wager of $1, a trifecta box with three horses costs $6 because it covers six possible outcomes.

How much is a 10 cent superfecta box with 4 horses?

Superfecta Box

# of Horses $.10 Base Bet Cost
4 $2.40
5 $12.00
6 $36.00
7 $84.00