How old is EthosLab survival world?

How old is EthosLab survival world?

age 35
EthosLab (born: August 20, 1986 (1986-08-20) [age 35]), or simply Etho, is a Canadian gaming YouTuber who primarily uploads Minecraft gameplay videos.

Who is ETHO IRL?

Ethoslab or Etho is a Canadian Youtuber and video game commentator best known for his Minecraft Let’s Play series Etho Plays Minecraft, and his involvment on the Hermitcraft server.

What country is ETHO from?

Ethos (/ˈiːθɒs/ or US: /ˈiːθoʊs/) is a Greek word meaning “character” that is used to describe the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, nation, or ideology. The Greeks also used this word to refer to the power of music to influence emotions, behaviors, and even morals.

What was ETHO before YouTube?

Etho has been generally reticent regarding personal details about his life outside of YouTube. Etho previously worked in horticulture as part of a family-owned greenhouse business. Before revealing his previous profession, viewers had regularly claimed Etho to be a teacher, an IT professional or even a member of NASA.

What city does Etho live in?

AKA Treetho, Ethoslab, Mr Slab, Sneaky Ninja, Beetho (first modded mindcrack series), Ladders (He goes up, he goes down), Ergo
Age 35 (August 20, 1986)
Home Canada

Where is EthosLab from in Canada?

Is EthosLab an engineer?

EthosLab is the second most popular Redstone engineer. He is known for making an automatic potion brewing lab, messing around with hoppers, as well as creating such an amazing storage room, that other players have attempted to duplicate it.

What province does EthosLab live in?

Did Bdubs daughter Ivy survive?

In mid-2017, BdoubleO announced he was expecting his third daughter, Ivy Rose. Unfortunately, however, medical checks before the scheduled birth revealed that Ivy Rose would be born critically underweight and with a heart defect. Ivy Rose was born 12 January 2018 at 2am, and passed away at 9pm the same day.

Is Pungence Bdubs brother?

Biography[edit] Like his brother BdoubleO, Pungence has musical talent. His music video, a tribute to kurtmac’s Wolf in his series “Far Lands or Bust,” was the most viewed video on his channel for a long time.

How old is ethoslab Minecraft?

EthosLab (born: August 20, 1986 (1986-08-20) [age 34]) or simply Etho is a Canadian gaming YouTuber who primarily uploads Minecraft gameplay videos. He was a member of the once-popular MindCrack server and is currently a member of the also popular Hermitcraft server.

What happened to Etho’s crash landing?

Etho started his Crash Landing series on the 5th September, 2014. 30 episodes later he ended the series, deciding it would be more fun to play on the modded world. Some time ago, Etho compiled a selection of his favourite mods and put them together to start a new, modded, series.

What happened to the Etho series?

The series started in May 2014 and ran through Aug. 2014 with a total of 22 episodes. The series consisted of 2 sides that had several PvP battles and base invading. The series ended due to technical issues explained in Etho’s last video.

Who is Etho slab?

He is a member of Team Canada, the others are VintageBeef and PauseUnpause. Etho had a block dedicated to him in the “April Fools Update”, named Etho Slab due to the play on words with his name and the fact that Etho likes explosions.