How the staging of HCC is done?

How the staging of HCC is done?

The BCLC system stratifies HCC patients based on tumor size, extent, liver function, and performance status. The BCLC staging system is thought to be better than other staging systems for determining prognosis, given the inclusion of liver function and performance status.

What is the success rate of sorafenib?

The median survival time (MST) for all patients was 11.0 months. The survival rate was significantly higher in the HAIC/sorafenib group than HAIC alone group (MST 22.2 vs 8.7 months, P = 0.017). From administration sorafenib, the disease control rate was 51.8% with MST of 10.4 months.

What is Stage C Livercancer?

Stage C (advanced stage) The cancer has grown into the large blood vessels in the liver or it has spread outside the liver to other parts of the body. It is causing symptoms. The Child-Pugh classification is A or B. The ECOG score is 1 or 2.

What is BCLC staging system?

One of these is the Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer (BCLC) staging system. The BCLC looks at all of the following: the number and size of tumours in your liver. your general health and fitness – this is called your performance status or PS.

What is BCLC B?

BCLC stage B is a better designation for single large hepatocellular carcinoma than BCLC stage A. J Gastroenterol Hepatol.

Is a 2 cm liver mass big?

Mass > 2 cm Enhancement in the arterial phase and washout in the portal venous phase is essential for the diagnosis of a liver lesion > 2 cm in a cirrhotic liver. More than 80% of masses > 2 cm in a cirrhotic liver are HCC[33,34]. An elevated AFP confirms the diagnosis.

Is Nexavar effective?

The patients administered with Nexavar showed a 41% reduction in the risk of progression or death when compared to placebo-treated patients. The median PFS was 10.8 months in patients treated with Nexavar, compared to 5.8 months in patients receiving placebo.