How to contact AirAsia Customer care India?

How to contact AirAsia Customer care India?

Feel free to reach out to us at tmsuppor[email protected] for any questions or problems regarding a product.

Can I get refund AirAsia?

To receive the refund, visit and open the “Chat with AVA” contact channel. Once the chat is open, write “Refund”, select “My flight is cancelled by AirAsia” and follow the instructions on the chat. Alternatively, you can contact us through any of the listed channels in

How Do I Live chat with AirAsia?

Go to the Chats tab. Tap New chat > New contact. Start chatting with AVA with a simple “Hi”, keywords or questions that are short and simple.

Is AirAsia still operating in India?

AirAsia India is an airline in India headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka….AirAsia India.

Commenced operations 12 June 2014
Operating bases Bengaluru Chennai Delhi Hyderabad Kolkata Mumbai
Frequent-flyer program BIG Loyalty
Fleet size 33

Does AirAsia have call center?

603 7809 6888. ‘ – On March 1st, 2002, we became the first airline to enable our customers to pay for flight bookings by credit card for purchases over the telephone at the airasia nationwide Call Centre.

How do I complain to AirAsia?

Phone number: 080 4666 2222.

How long does AirAsia take to refund?

All the refunds eligible by AirAsia reflect in the passenger’s account within 7 to 14 working days. It is initiated within 48 hours after receiving the refund confirmation email as per the AirAsia refund policy and condition.

Is AirAsia live chat 24 hours?

AVA is available 24 hours daily to assist with any enquiries or to direct you to the right agent to assist you if she cannot resolve your issue immediately.

Who is the CEO of AirAsia India?

Sunil Bhaskaran (Nov 15, 2018–)AirAsia India / CEO

Where is the headquarters of AirAsia?

Sepang, MalaysiaAirAsia / Headquarters

Where is AirAsia head office?

How do I follow up my AirAsia refund?

02/12/2021•FAQs If you are using the AirAsia Mobile App, simply launch the app, click on the chat bubble, and then click on “AirAsia Support – Live Chat”. Once AVA Chat Window opens, follow the steps below to get an update on your case: From AVA’s main menu, click on “Flights”. Select “Refund/Check Case Status”.