Is 8 a good score in IELTS speaking?

Is 8 a good score in IELTS speaking?

If you are Band 8, you would have no problems living and working in an English-speaking country. Band 7– These students are ‘good users. ‘ Most people who get Band 7 can cope with complex situations in English.

How is 8 bands scored in IELTS speaking?

Here are the seven tips that will take you to an 8+ band score.

  1. Always adopt a natural accent.
  2. Never Memorise Answers.
  3. Extend your Answers.
  4. Feel Free to Clarify Questions.
  5. Do not make a vocabulary show.
  6. Say “No” to Silence.
  7. Restructure your Answer.

How hard is it to get a band 8 in IELTS speaking?

In order to get an 8 band score in listening and reading you need to get 89% of the marks. Since IELTS reading and listening have 40 questions each, in order to get band 8 you have to at least answer 36 questions of each.

Can you get Band 9 in speaking?

Only perfect practice makes perfect.” A perfect IELTS Band 9 score, a real dream that every IELTS test taker see at a certain point. Though, for a candidate from a non-English speaking nation, this might be difficult but not impossible.

What level is 8 in IELTS?

IELTS and the CEFR

IELTS Band Score CEFR Level
8.5 C2
8.0 C1

How can I crack IELTS with 8 bands?

Work on your Grammar Just like vocabulary, grammar is another pillar for those aiming to get 8 bands in the IELTS exam. If you have a better understanding of English Grammar, you will end up cracking the writing section with some impressive statements.

What is Band 8 in IELTS?

A band of 8 in IELTS means the applicant is an expert user and has a good grasp of the English language. With an 8 band in IELTS, applicants will have no problem working or studying abroad and in English-speaking countries.

How difficult is 8777 in IELTS?

The IELTS exam does not have any minimum score. The scores are usually decided by the institutions and organisations for the prospective candidates. So while a score of 8777 is not mandatory but is usually considered a good score as it means that the test-takers have advanced proficiency in the English language.

How can I crack IELTS with band 8?