Is a Honda Pilot 2013 reliable?

Is a Honda Pilot 2013 reliable?

The 2013 Honda Pilot has a reliability rating of three out of five from J.D. Power, which is average for the auto industry.

Is a Honda Pilot EX AWD?

But if you’re like most Culver City-area SUV enthusiasts you may be wondering, “Does the Honda Pilot have AWD?” The Honda Pilot comes standard with two-wheel drive, but you have the option to upgrade to the Intelligent Variable Torque Management™ All-Wheel Drive (AWD) System, which provides enhanced traction and …

How long will a 2013 Honda Pilot last?

If you treat a Honda Pilot well by using it responsibly and giving it regular maintenance, it should last for 250,0000 to 300,000 miles. In years, that is about 16 to 20 years of reliable service if you drive for an average of 15,000 miles per year like most Americans.

Does 2013 Honda Pilot have transmission problems?

It’s a type of car problem that’s not hard to notice. 2013 Honda Pilot transmission problems can show up as shifting delays, grinding or jumping during acceleration, the car shaking on the road, or whistling noises or a burning smell coming from beneath the hood.

Does a 2013 Honda Pilot have a timing belt or chain?

timing belt
Q. I’m starting to research 2013 seven passenger SUV’s and have really come to like what the Honda Pilot has to offer. However, one item of concern that is steering me away from the Honda is that it has a timing belt, not a chain.

How do I know if my Honda Pilot is AWD?

Look underneath your vehicle while it is turned off for the axle shaft. The shaft simply looks like a large bar going from the front to rear axle. If you see an axle shaft running from the front to rear axles, you have an all-wheel drive vehicle.

How does Honda Pilot AWD work?

It distributes engine torque from front to back, instinctively directing power to the wheels with traction. The i-VTM4 AWD system has a pair of electro-hydraulically actuated clutch packs—one to drive each rear wheel—allowing for varying amounts of torque to be directed to each rear wheel independently.

How much does it cost Replace timing belt for Honda Pilot 2013?

Belts themselves aren’t that expensive. The real cost is in the labor, because a lot of parts need to be disassembled to get to the belt. Shopping around to get a few quotes is your best bet to get the best deal, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $409 to $919 (including parts and labor).

When should you replace timing belt on 2013 Honda Pilot?

The Honda Pilot Timing Belt has a maintenance schedule of every 105,000 miles or at seven years, whichever arrives first.