Is Balwyn High School Private or public?

Is Balwyn High School Private or public?

Top 10 Public (Government) High Schools in VIC: Nossal High School (Berwick) Apollo Bay P-12 College (Apollo Bay) Balwyn High School (Balwyn North)

How old is Balwyn High School?

Balwyn High School is a large multicultural, co-educational, government secondary school with a student population of approximately 2200 students. Located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, the school was established in 1954 and our renowned International Student Program commenced in 1996.

What is balwyn named after?

He named his house Balwyn from the Gaelic bal and the Saxon wyn, meaning ‘the home of the vine’. Balwyn Road and the district were named after it. The house was located on the site that is now part of Fintona Girls’ School.

How many students are in Balwyn High?

Balwyn High School is a state-run high school (years 7–12) in the Melbourne suburb of North Balwyn, in Victoria, Australia….

Balwyn High School
Years 7 to 12
Gender Co-educational
Number of students 2,100+
Colour(s) Navy blue, gold, bottle green

Is balwyn a safe suburb?

Balwyn is an excellent inner east suburb to accomodate a family who wants beautiful streetscapes, prestigious private and public schools nearbly, as well as a safe and peaceful surrounding for children to grow up in. Local residents in Balwyn are generally friendly and helpful.

What is the best primary school in Victoria?

Top 150 Primary Schools in VIC

# School Name Location
1 Presbyterian Ladies’ College Burwood
2 Serpell Primary School Templestowe
3 Haileybury College Keysborough
4 Huntingtower School Mount Waverley

What is balwyn postcode?

3103Balwyn / Postal code

What is the postcode for Balwyn North?

3104Balwyn North / Postal code

Is Balwyn North expensive?

The prices of properties in Balwyn North are very high.

Is balwyn a good suburb in Melbourne?

Balwyn is a good suburb for young families, professionals who like a suburbian lifestyle and retirees who like parks and gardens. There are plenty of parks, mostly safe suburb, friendly people and a small shopping precinct with all the necessities.

What is the biggest primary school in Victoria?

Virtual School Victoria
Largest Victorian schools

No. School Student enrolment
1. Virtual School Victoria approx 4,000
2. Haileybury College 3,670
3. Wesley College, Melbourne 3,370
4. Caulfield Grammar School 3,315

What is the best public primary school in Melbourne?

The Top 10 Best Primary Schools in Melbourne:

  • St Andrews Christian College.
  • Huntingtower School.
  • Beverley Hills Primary School.
  • Serpell Primary School.
  • Oakleigh South Primary School.
  • Camberwell Grammar School.
  • Camberwell Girls Grammar School.
  • Glendal Primary School.