Is Glock 42 a good carry gun?

Is Glock 42 a good carry gun?

I was somewhat surprised, then, when he produced one from his concealment holster, saying, “the Glock 42 is the best concealed carry gun there is.” Surprised and slightly relieved better describes my reaction, seeing as how I was also concealing a Glock 42 at the time.

Is Glock 42 good for self-defense?

Even loaded with six rounds of . 380 ammunition, the Glock 42 is still two ounces lighter than the Glock 43. In the right hands, the Glock 42 pistol could conceivably become as deadly as its larger caliber brethren. The smallest Glock, it is also suitable for whom concealability is a major purchase factor.

What generation is Glock G42?

third generation
Part of the third generation of Glock pistol lineup was the addition of single-stack subcompact models for the US concealed carry market, specifically the Glock 42 in .

Do they make an extended mag for the Glock 42?

33519). The Glock 42 magazine with extension sports an extended floor plate that enlarges the grip of the G42 pistol, making it more comfortable to handle. The new extended magazine is made out of metal and covered by a polymer coating, like all Glock magazines. The single stack magazine capacity is 6 rounds.

Can a Glock 42 shoot 9mm?

When the 42 was introduced, it was on the heels of the Smith and Wesson Shield and fans were hoping for the gun that the Glock 43 eventually became. They wanted a 9mm micro-Glock, and the Glock 42 just didn’t deliver due to its . 380 caliber.

How many mags does Glock 42 come with?

2 magazines
Slimline, compact design. Includes 2 magazines, a bore brush, a rod and a carry case.

What’s the smallest Glock pistol?

Glock 42
Glock 42 Among The Best Compact . The 42 is Glock’s smallest pistol, and as a single-stack chambered for . 380 Auto, it has slimmer proportions than even the tiniest of the Baby Glock 9mm pistols.