Is Krok exam difficult?

Is Krok exam difficult?

Is Krok Exam tough/ hard? Ans: KROK exam is 100 times easy than FMGE / MCI exam. It is the from the MBBS syllabus only which student study in entire 5.8 years of MBBS course in Ukraine.

What happens if you fail Krok?

A student who failed Krok 1 during the third year, continues with their studies and can retake the exam in the process. If a student fails Krok 2 during the sixth year, they cannot be awarded a diploma and need to postpone their studies in internship programme.

What is the Krok exam?

KROK is a Licensing Examination, an obligatory part of state certification for awarding the qualification of doctor or pharmacist. Students who are preparing for the specialties “Medicine”, “Dentistry” and “Pharmacy” pass two separate test exams – “KROK–1” and “KROK–2“.

How do I prepare for Krok?

Preparation for “KROK” exams

  1. Human anatomy – 9%
  2. Biology – 7%
  3. Biological Chemistry – 16%
  4. Histology, Cytology and Embryology – 4%
  5. Microbiology, Virology and Immunology – 18.5%
  6. Physiology – 6%
  7. Pathophysiology – 16%
  8. Pathomorphology – 12.5%

How many students pass Krok?

After the protests in November 2020, Ukraine’s Ministry of Health lowered the passing grade of the Krok exam from 60.5% to 55.5% to make it easier for students to pass it during the pandemic when all the classes are held online.

What is the pass mark for Krok?

Each KROK part consists of 200 questions in total. To pass the exam, you need to answer 121/200 questions – 60.5% successfully. Each correct answer gives you 1 point.

Is Krok exam compulsory?

KROK examination in Ukraine has limitless importance in the medical sector. It is a kind of mandatory test for the medical aspirants for a better career in medicine.

Is Krok exam compulsory in Ukraine?

KROK 1 exam is a mandatory examination for all the medical students of Ukraine after finishing second semester of 3rd year. This exam promotes the student to the next year, which is 4th year.

Is Krok exam only for Ukraine?

KROK Exam is conducted by Testing Center of Ministry of Health of Ukraine conducts the KROK Exam in three different languages. The exam is held in English, Russian and other local language for both local Ukrainian and International students.

Is Krok exam compulsory for Indian students?

The licensing exam, KROK, is an obligatory part of state certification for awarding the qualification of doctor or pharmacist.