Is Laurentian hardwood made in Canada?

Is Laurentian hardwood made in Canada?

Laurentian engineered hardwood’s construction is specifically made for our unique and variable Canadian climate. Varying humidity levels and extreme temperature change from season to season can warp, crack and distort solid hardwoods.

Where is Bruce hardwood flooring manufactured?

the USA
All Bruce® solid hardwood is made in the USA with domestically sourced lumber.

Who owns Lauzon flooring?

David Lauzon
Today I am honored to wrap up Lauzon Flooring’s 30th anniversary celebrations with an interview with our president and founder, David Lauzon.

Is Lauzon flooring made in Canada?

The majority of Lauzon floors are manufactured in the province of Quebec (Canada) and most of the wood used to make the floors is harvested from Lauzon’s own responsibly managed forests.

Is Goodfellow flooring made in Canada?

The Goodfellow Original floor collection is now available in engineering flooring made in Canada. Easy to install, it can be glued, nailed or floated. The construction of this floor provides superior stability allowing installation on all levels of your home, including concrete slab installations.

Is Bruce Hardwood flooring made in China?

The Bruce Story is an American Story Indeed, that’s exactly what you get when you choose Bruce. We’ve been creating home flooring products right here in the United States for 100 years. Today, skilled craftsmen and women in 6 plants across the country produce our hardwood.

Is Bruce and Armstrong flooring the same?

Armstrong & Bruce Brand Flooring Armstrong and Bruce hardwood brands are grouped under Armstrong Flooring. Each brand specializes in high-quality, design focused flooring that expands through laminate, hardwood, tile and linoleum. Here’s some resources, videos and instructions to help you with your hardwood floors!

Where is Goodfellow flooring manufactured?

The Goodfellow Original floor collection is now available in engineering flooring made in Canada. Easy to install, it can be glued, nailed or floated.

Who owns Goodfellow lumber?

Charles Goodfellow took over the reins of the company in the late 40’s and then in turn to his brother George C. in 1970. In the late 80’s, Charles’s son Richard took over and led the company until retirement in 2014. Patrick Goodfellow, Richard’s son is now our new president.

Where is Johnson hardwood flooring made?

Johnson Hardwood Floors announced the start-up of its new 80,000-square-foot, multi-million dollar plant in Saigon, Vietnam. Approximately 175 people—including government officials and a mix of distributors and dealers—were on hand for the plant tour.

Why is Canadian hardwood flooring the best?

Maple. Maple flooring is a particularly popular pick when it comes to Canadian hardwood.

  • Birch. Birch flooring typically provides a more rustic look,though burnished birch in dark colors like charcoal is becoming particularly popular in modern homes.
  • Ash.
  • What are the best hardwood flooring manufacturers?

    Mercier. Although not as well known as the other brands,this company almost exclusively sources its wood in North America,with its mills in Quebec,Canada,where they

  • Mohawk. As the world’s largest flooring company,it also gives you the widest variety to choose from – over 800 products in the engineered line alone,which can
  • Bruce.
  • What are the Best Engineered hardwood floors?

    Wear Layer: The wear layer is the thin top layer covering the engineered hardwood flooring,also called the veneer layer.

  • The Core: The core refers to the layers of plywood bonded with the wear layer.
  • Durability: As mentioned earlier,the thicker the wear layer,the longer the lifespan of the engineered flooring.
  • What is the most durable hardwood for floors?

    Oak: Oak is the industry standard when it comes to hardwood flooring.

  • Ash: Ash flooring offers a light,stylish grain that is perfect for modern designs and a Janka rating of 1320.
  • Maple: Maple is a contemporary hardwood flooring dream with light colors,velvety finish,and unparalleled shock absorption.