Is Logic Pro good for making hip hop beats?

Is Logic Pro good for making hip hop beats?

Logic Pro is certainly a great DAW for creating Hip Hop beats. Perhaps one of the most appealing features is its versatility. You can stay in your comfort zone, explore new styles or venture into unknown territory and Logic will not confine you to one way of doing things.

How do you record hip hop vocals?

5 Essential Tips For Recording Rap Vocals

  1. Get the microphone selection and positioning right.
  2. Prepare the performance.
  3. Comp and edit to perfection.
  4. Elevate the track with doubles and ad libs.
  5. Shape the sound with compression and EQ.

How do I get professional vocals on Logic Pro?

  1. 5 Ways To Make Vocals Sound Better.
  2. Use Automation To Control Volume.
  3. Use A De-Esser.
  4. Catch Peaks With A Limiter.
  5. High End Boost (AIR)
  6. Remove Room Resonance.

Do rappers use Logic Pro?

Pharrell Williams, Kendrick Lamar, Hardwell, Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Nicky Romero, and Alesso to name a few. Logic Pro isn’t regulated to the just world of hip hop, however. Even though hip hop permeates music around the globe, many other artists use this DAW to create their music.

What do rappers use to record?

Adobe Audition is our top selection when it comes to the best software for rappers or any other genre. You can also try FL Studio and Samplitude Pro X5 for great beats in all genres.

How can I make my rap recording sound better?

11 Tricks To Sounding Better While You Rap

  1. 1) Don’t Rely only On Memory.
  2. 2) Write How You Talk/Rap.
  3. 3) Memorize Your Lyrics.
  4. 4) Know How Your Voice Sounds.
  5. 5) Use Your Voice As An Instrument.
  6. 6) Setup Your Workflow.
  7. 7) Rap Voice Lessons.
  8. 8) Study Other Rappers.

Is Logic Pro good for vocals?

Although there is a lot of esoteric hardware and software available for processing vocals, the plug-ins that come as part of Logic Pro are capable of doing a great job if used correctly.