Is PVC cable plenum rated?

Is PVC cable plenum rated?

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is what your standard Category 5e and Category 6 cable jacket is constructed of. This PVC jacket when burning or smoldering releases hydrochloric acid and dioxin which are both toxic. Plenum cable is made of Teflon or FEP which gives off much less poisonous gas than PVC when it burns.

Why is PVC not plenum rated?

If PVC cable is used in a plenum, it will spread fire and noxious, black smoke throughout the building. PVC cable is designated CM or CMR.

Is FPLR cable plenum rated?

FPL— Power Limited for general purposes. This designation indicates that this fire alarm cable is non-plenum rated, and may not be installed in risers, ducts, plenums, or other spaces used for environmental air unless first installed in conduit.

What is FPLR rated?

Type FPLR power-limited fire alarm riser cable is listed as suitable for use in a vertical run in a shaft or from floor to floor. All FPLR cables are listed as having fire-resistant characteristics capable of preventing fire from traveling floor to floor.

What is CAT5e PVC?

Product Description. Belkin’s CAT5e PVC Solid UTP Bulk Cable is used to connect a network outlet with a patch panel. This cable consists of 8 stranded 24 AWG wires, and is suitable for 10/100BASE-T networks.

What is cat6 PVC?

Category 6 U/UTP PVC cables are designed to deliver a robust standards based performance ensuring optimum bandwidth for today’s high speed network applications. The cable is designed to support horizontal networking applications over distances up to 100 meters.

Is CPVC plenum rated?

CPVC Code Status CPVC piping for potable hot and cold water distribution systems is recognized in all model plumbing codes. Also, CPVC plumbing pipe is safe for installation in return air plenums; however, the installation must be approved by the local jurisdiction.

What does FPLR cable mean?

power-limited fire alarm riser cable
1) FPL which is a power-limited fire alarm riser cable is usually the least expensive because it is the most basic type of fire alarm cable and is also recognized by the NEC (National Electric Code). FPLR cables are suitable for use in a vertical run through a shaft or from floor to floor within a building.

What is a plenum rated cable?

Plenum rated cable has a special insulation that has low smoke and low flame characteristics. Plenum cable is mandated to be installed in any “air handling” space. For example, most large office buildings use the ceiling to return air to the AC unit.

What does Fplp cable stand for?

Power-Limited Fire Alarm Plenum Cable
FPLP (Power-Limited Fire Alarm Plenum Cable) Fire protective signal circuit.

Is Cat5e Plenum rated?

Product Description This Gray Bulk Cat5e is offered in 1000-foot pull boxes. It is unshielded twisted pair (UTP) that is plenum rated (CMP).